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10 Apps Every College Student Should Download


As a university student, it is necessary to remail involved in everything. Managing classes, participation in extracurricular activities, and attending social functions can be a difficult task that calls for organization and prioritization skills. Luckily, technology has transformed existence by simplifying connectivity and enhancing productivity levels to extraordinary heights. Explore all the apps and discover how these apps can assist you in staying on top of your college game, whether it’s through Evernote or mint. Let’s begin without wasting any time, with these useful applications designed to enhance your college journey.

1. Evernote

evernote 1

Evernote is an excellent tool that can boost your productivity and enhance organizational skills. It successfully combines numerous features, making it easy to organize ideas, notes, tasks and projects in one place. Evernote offers voice memos and web page saving options for added convenience perfect when you’re away from the computer as you can still gain access to valuable data. Additionally, the app syncs across multiple devices ensuring that your notes are always accessible regardless of the device you use or where you happen to be located at any given moment.

2. Grammarly


For college students, possessing good writing skills is vital, and Grammarly can prove to be an extremely valuable tool for enhancing your written work. With its ability to check grammar, spelling and punctuation as you type, the app offers useful recommendations on ways to improve your writing. Furthermore, it comes with a plagiarism detection feature which can assist you in avoiding the chance of academic misbehaviour. As such, Grammarly provides a valuable resource that has the potential to significantly boost any student’s success during their time in college.

3. Quizlet


For learners of any age, Quizlet is an excellent resource for studying. Through its various interactive and attractive study modes such as flashcard games and quizzes, along with a vast collection of previous study sets designed by students and teachers alike, it makes the learning process more enjoyable. What’s more interesting is that using Quizlet’s user-friendly creation tools, you can create personalized flashcards and review sets that perfectly fit whatever you need to prepare for exams hence making your studies both smooth and entertaining.

4. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal can be a valuable resource for staying on track with your health and fitness. With access to a food database boasting over six million options, keeping tabs on your consumption becomes effortless. Additionally, its compatibility with Fitbit and Apple Health means you’ll have no trouble keeping an eye on your progress. All in all, these features combine to make MyFitnessPal an exceptional tool for those seeking to keep their wellness in check despite trying circumstances.

5. Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is an extremely advantageous cloud-centric storage application that empowers individuals to safely store, circulate, and retrieve various types of data irrespective of their location. Furthermore, it offers additional convenient tools such as collaborative facilities in real-time and performance-enhancing applications like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. By having access to Google Drive’s services, people can effortlessly access crucial documents from anywhere at any time.

6. Forest


The use of Forest application offers a unique technique to enhance motivation and concentration. This app incorporates gaming principles that enable users to establish objectives and compete with themselves by avoiding phone usage during task completion. Successful attempts will allow individuals the satisfaction of witnessing their digital tree flourish, while failed endeavors signify an unfortunate loss as these trees wilt away. Due to this approach, people are motivated to concentrate entirely on each task, leading them towards greater productivity levels ultimately.

7. Trello


The Trello application is an exceptional tool for effortless management of individual and work-related assignments, as well as projects. Its user-friendly interface enables individuals to monitor progress at a fast pace by using boards, lists, and cards. Additionally, connecting with other apps ensures that several parties can participate efficiently in any project – resulting in productive collaboration.

8. Duolingo


Duolingo, a popular language-learning app, has become an excellent tool for people who are looking to learn a new language. Its interactive exercises promote enjoyable and effortless learning. Its costless accessibility has made its usage easy among all users. With a wide list of 30 languages available, Duolingo can serve as a valuable tool for enhancing your linguistics abilities and fostering relationships with different peoples across the world.

9. Headspace


Headspace offers a comprehensive set of tools for individuals everywhere to manage stress and improve their mental well-being. This app provides access to guided meditations, calming sounds, and breathing exercises that can be used to build resilience against stressful situations and help improve sleep quality through mindfulness techniques. Whether you’re new to meditation or have prior experience in this practice, Headspace is an excellent resource for fostering mental clarity and calm.

10. Mint

mint 2

The Mint application is an excellent tool that assists with organizing and enhancing your financial management. With its intuitive design, it enables effortless tracking of expenses, establishment of budgetary limits, and creation of specific monetary objectives. Additionally, through timely reminders for upcoming payments or bills, the app ensures seamless management of finances. Overall, this valuable resource facilitates efficient control over all aspects related to money administration.


As a student in college, having the appropriate apps can greatly simplify your life. These applications cover various areas such as organizational tools and study aids, allowing you to streamline your academic, financial, and social pursuits effortlessly. Whether you’re beginning your freshman year or close to concluding your final term as a senior student, these ten apps are indispensable for every individual pursuing higher education. Experiment with them and discover how they can enhance your experience during college years.


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