Cubes and Vedic Mathematics: Ancient Techniques

Vedic Mathematics


Ancient techniques such as Cubes and Vedic Mathematics can help to solve complex problems easily and more efficiently. These methods have been used for hundreds of years and are still useful in the modern era. They can be used in many fields; some fields are the following; engineering, physics, finance and computer science.

Introduction of Cube

Cube is a technique that is used to find the cube of a given number sharply. For example, if we want to find the cute of 13, (10+3)^2*(10), which is (2197). Similarly, for 18, (10+8)^2*(10).

 Vedic Cubing Techniques

The Vedic approach to cubing offers several notable benefits:


  1. Speed and Efficiency: Traditional methods of cubing often involve multiple steps and calculations. Vedic Mathematics can reduce these steps to get faster and more efficient results.


  1. Mental Flexibility: Vedic cubing techniques encourage mental flexibility. By breaking complex calculations down into simpler components, people can mentally perform calculations more effectively.


  1. Reduced Errors: The systematic nature of Vedic Mathematics minimizes the chances of errors, enhancing accuracy in calculations.


  1. Practical Application: Vedic cubing techniques have historical significance, but they are also helpful in modern fields like engineering, physics, computer science and finance.

Cubing Techniques in Daily Life

Vedic cubing techniques can be useful in specific areas, but they can also help in everyday situations. Think about times when you need to do fast math in your head, like when you’re cooking, planning expenses, or figuring out home project sizes. Vedic Mathematics gives you methods to do these calculations quickly and correctly.

Vedic cubing techniques also teach how to solve problems methodically. You can apply these techniques in the other tasks too in your life, not only in math; it also helps to divide the tasks into smaller steps.

Introduction of Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics that originated in ancient India. It is known for its simplicity and efficiency. So Ancient Mathematics is also called Vedic Mathematics. Many complex problems in different fields can be solved very quickly and efficiently. There are sets and subsets in Vedic Mathematics. It has 16 Sutras(aphorisms) and 13 sub-sutras(corollaries) to solve complex mathematical problems.

Here are two examples of sutras; one sutra is “vertically and crosswise,” which involves multiplying numbers vertically and then crosswise to get the answer.

Another example is “all from 9 and the last 10,” which means subtracting each digit in a number from 9, except for the last digit, which is subtracted from 10. By applying this method, we can find the complement of the number.

The Vedic techniques are multiply, division, square and square root.

Uses of Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is used in the modern era, like engineering, physics, finance, and computer science.

In Engineering, it is used to solve complex problems. In electronics engineering, it is used in digital circuits, power consumption etc.

In Physics, it is used to calculate the distance and angles.

In Finance, it is used to calculate the interest rate, general journals, ledgers and other financial calculations.

In Computer Science, Vedic Mathematics is applied in various ways to make algorithms work better and more accurately. It’s used to do complicated math quickly and effectively. It’s used in machine learning and deep learning to make computer programs faster and more accurate.

Vedic Mathematics also finds its place in data structures, algorithms, and other parts of computer science. It’s crucial for Artificial Intelligence (AI) too. It helps optimize algorithms, making them work better and faster.

Additionally, Vedic Mathematics is used to create and improve new algorithms. This makes computer programs work more efficiently. All in all, using Vedic Mathematics can make Artificial Intelligence systems and computer science as a whole perform better and more efficiently.

Vedic Mathematics is also useful in SEO; it analyzes the data and identifies the patterns which can be used to improve search engine rankings.

Applications in Modern Education and Beyond

The ideas of Vedic Mathematics, like its cubing methods, are useful in today’s education and more. Many teachers see the benefit of teaching students Vedic Mathematics not just to improve their math but also to help them think better and be mentally quick.

In schools, using Vedic cubing techniques can help students feel more confident when dealing with math problems. These techniques offer different ways to solve math questions compared to the usual methods. Teachers teach these techniques to students so it can be easy for the students to understand mathematics. These methods are faster and make students feel proud as they can solve difficult math problems in their heads.

Outside of school, Vedic cubing methods are useful in different areas. For instance, people use these techniques in computer graphics and animation to create 3D things. Knowing these methods well can make the process of creating visuals faster and more accurate.

Engineers and scientists also use cubing in their work, especially when dealing with things like volume, space, and measurements. Vedic Mathematics provides a simpler way to do these calculations, helping them work better and get the right answers.

Preserving and Promoting Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics

We must realize how important it is to keep and build upon this old knowledge of Vedic Mathematics and its cubing tricks. Even though we have fancy technology now, the basic ideas of Vedic Mathematics are still really important. They make you think fast and logically and help you to find the solutions to complex problems fastly.

Through classes, workshops, and materials that teach students and people who are interested, the ways of Vedic Mathematics are being kept safe. The collective efforts of both teachers and students contribute to narrowing the gap between ancient and modern mathematics, ensuring that Vedic Mathematics continues to inspire everyone.


Studying cubing techniques in Vedic Mathematics helps us learn clever, sharp, and useful methods for doing mathematics. Even though we have the technology today, Vedic Math’s old ideas help us solve problems in a special way. As we honor the clever people from long ago and what they taught us, we start a journey that connects the past and now.


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