10 Captivating iPad Drawing Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

Drawing Ideas

The iPad has become a potent ally for artistic expression in the digital age, giving numerous drawing ideas. Thanks to its user-friendly touch interface, sophisticated sketching features, and limitless creative possibilities, the iPad has become a blank canvas for experts and novices. The days of being limited to traditional media are long gone, and today’s artists may explore new worlds and push the limits of their imagination directly on their tablets. Students and Learners can also review this article to draw ideas for their projects or careers in the arts.

If you’re an experienced artist hoping to diversify your artistic expression or a hopeful creator enthusiastic about exploring digital art. We warmly encourage you to set off on an inspirational adventure as we share 10 enthralling iPad drawing ideas that will spark your imagination and give life to your digital creations.

We will examine a wide range of artistic possibilities that the iPad brings us, from traditional methods like portrait drawing and still life to imaginative worlds of surrealism and fantasy landscapes. When you use the digital tools on the iPad to realize your ideas, you’ll find a universe of expression, invention, and exploration.

To draw or sketch on an iPad, you will require suitable application software or something that can allow you to draw. We picked one of the best drawing apps available on iOS devices, Procreate.

Let’s look at what you might require before starting Procreate.

Things Needed to Draw on Procreate

We sincerely hope you have something with which to doodle. You will require some gadget that is capable of producing digital drawings. It may be an iPad, a Tablet, or perhaps a smartphone that includes a stylus, among other possible devices. You can even sketch on paper and check what you’ve created, even if most instructions mentioned above are done on a digital device.

After reading this post, you are about to learn new and fascinating stuff that you will undoubtedly want to start sketching.

Types of Drawing Ideas Which Will Get You Drawing Instantly

Creating art on the iPad has become increasingly popular due to the convenience and versatility of digital drawing. Here are 3 creative iPad drawing ideas to spark your imagination.


Creating a digital portrait is an intriguing and satisfying artistic medium that allows you to embrace the essence of humans or personas with exceptional accuracy and fineness. Nevertheless, it demands experience, tolerance, and proficiency in computer software and approaches. It is possible to achieve this by sketching the pictures using a computer.

Technology provides various advantages that can enhance the art of drawing people’s faces. If your objective is to produce realistic images of actual individuals or delve into the depth of your imaginative mind by illustrating made-up personas, utilizing digital techniques can aid in achieving either of these aspirations.

Fantasy Worlds

Creating fantasy worlds is a thrilling artistic endeavor that allows you to unleash your imagination and transport viewers to magical realms beyond the constraints of reality. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting, crafting fantastical landscapes filled with enchanting creatures and mythical elements offers boundless opportunities for creativity and storytelling.

Doodle Art

Doodle art is a pleasant and freeing form of creative expression that lets your imagination run wild and take risks with your work. It’s all about embracing spontaneity and letting your pen or pencil move freely across the paper so that you may create complicated patterns, rectangles, and whimsical motifs.

Specific Drawing Ideas One Can Use

  1. Ghost


You may start your first project in Procreate with this easy ghost idea. This straightforward beginning concept uses basic shapes, shading, and brushes to make learning the Procreate tools as easy as possible.

Video illustration

  1. Cheeseburgers


Learn how to make a delightful cartoon-style design by following this tutorial. It will guide you through creating cheeseburgers that look delicious.

Video illustration

  1. Mandala


Are you hesitant to dive into the world of objects or faces just yet? Creating a mandala drawing can greatly enhance your artistic skills and develop a steady hand. This idea focuses on using shapes to design a simple yet captivating pattern without needing additional tools or brushes.

Video illustration

  1. Watercolor Plant

Watercolor Plant

This Procreate drawing idea is perfect for beginners who want to explore the popular watercolor style. It offers a great opportunity to learn and practice various tools within the app.

Video illustration

  1. Cup of Coffee

Cup of Coffee

Here’s a simple drawing idea that can be easily achieved using basic shapes. It’s a great option for those using an Apple Pencil or simply a steady touch on their iPad.

Video illustration

  1. Hand Holding a Flower

Hand Holding a Flower

This YouTube Video will teach you how to use the sketching tools on your iPad to create transitions and enhance the depth of your illustrations.

Video illustration

  1. Cat in a Box


Begin with a simple sketch and progress to learning how to add texture in Procreate. This tutorial contains a finished design that appears quite intricate but is quite simple to create once you’re familiar with the pencil and app tools.

Video illustration

  1. Flying Whale

Flying Whale

Sometimes, the best way to start Procreate drawing ideas is to create infantile themes. This flying whale design is ideal, and it takes only a few minutes to complete.

 Video illustration

  1. Foggy Night Scene

Foggy Night Scene

This Procreate illustration idea demonstrates that something that appears difficult to draw isn’t always so. It mostly just requires some time and effort.

Video illustration

  1. Underwater Scene

Underwater Scene

If you’ve succeeded with the simplest concepts and want to try something a little more sophisticated, this flat character drawing is ideal. The video provides a fast tutorial on how to sketch an underwater scene, as well as a more advanced Procreate artwork idea.

Video illustration 

Worth Knowing Lines

Keep in mind that there’s no acceptable or unacceptable in artistic expression. This is an individual display of your innermost existence. Therefore, don’t hesitate to explore fresh creative pursuits, try various artistic approaches, and surpass limitations. For every brushstroke, you make a mark on the artwork and your imaginative soul and essence.


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