Drexel Blackboard Support for New Students

As a new student at Drexel University, you may have heard about Blackboard, an online platform that provides students with various educational tools and resources. This platform is essential to your learning experience at Drexel, and you must understand how to access and utilize it effectively. This article provides you with all the information you need to get start with Blackboard and make the most of its features.

It is a robust online learning platform that provides students access to course content, assignments, grades, and other vital resources. It is integral to the university’s commitment to delivering a top-notch education to its students. The platform is easy to use and provides students with a wealth of resources and tools to enhance their learning experience. You can access your course materials and stay connected with your classmates and instructors, no matter where you are.

Step1: Obtaining a Drexel Login ID

The first step to accessing Drexel Blackboard is to obtain a Drexel Login ID. If you are a student, your Drexel Login ID was sent to you via email after you admit to the university. If you are a faculty member, you can obtain your Drexel Login ID by contacting the Information Technology department.

Step 2: Login Page

Once you have your Drexel Login ID, you can access the Drexel Blackboard login page by visiting the Drexel University website and clicking on the “Blackboard” link. You can also navigate directly to the login page by typing “” into your browser’s address bar.

Step 3: Logging into Drexel Blackboard

To log into Drexel Blackboard, you must enter your Drexel Login ID and password. If you log in for the first time, you may prompt to change your password. Read about Castle Learning The Best Online Platform for Academic Support.

Step 4: Accessing Course Materials

Once logged into Blackboard, you will take it to your course dashboard. You can access the course materials, submit assignments, and communicate with your instructor and classmates. To access the course materials, click on the course title from your dashboard.

Step 5: Submitting Assignments

To submit an assignment, navigate to the course in which the project is due and click on the “Assignments” tab. From here, you can upload your work and submit it for grading.

Step 6: Communicate with Instructor and Classmates

It provides various tools to communicate with your instructor and classmates, including email, discussion boards, and chat rooms. To access these tools, navigate to the course you wish to display and click on the “Tools” tab.


Drexel Blackboard has features and tools to help you get the most out of your learning experience. The key features include:

  • Course Content: Access your course materials, including syllabi, readings, and lecture notes, in one convenient location.
  • Assignments: Submit assignments and receive feedback from your instructors from within the platform.
  • Grades: Track your progress and view your grades in real time.
  • Collaboration Tools: Connect with classmates and instructors through discussion boards, chat rooms, and other collaboration tools.
  • Mobile Access: Access Drexel Blackboard from anywhere, on any device, with the Blackboard app.
Drexel Blackboard Support for New Students

Tips for Success

You must stay organized and on top of your coursework for the best Drexel Blackboard. Here are tips to help you succeed:

1. Know your goals and values. Acknowledge your goals and visualize your version of success. Knowing what you want to achieve by pursuing education will help you recognize your values, which you can use to motivate yourself.

2. Time Management. Manage your time effectively to balance school, work, and personal life. Set priorities and make a schedule to help you stay on track.

3. Successful Communications. Communicate effectively with your instructors and classmates. Feel free to ask for help or clarification if you need it.

4. Building a Community. Get involved and build a support system. Connect with classmates and participate in online discussions.

5. Navigating Drexel Resources. Take advantage of available resources, such as tutoring and advising services.

6. Academic Prep 101. Be prepared and organized. Keep track of due dates and make sure you understand the course material.

7. Self-care. Take care of yourself and avoid burnout. Be available for self-care and prioritize your mental and physical health.

The Drexel Blackboard app is the Bb Student mobile app and can be used to access Bb Learn on a mobile device. To use the app, one must select their university and log in with Bb Learn credentials. The app is available for download from various links. The app offers features such as the ability to view course updates, receive notifications, take assignments and tests, and view grades. It is available on the App Store for iPhone/Apple devices, Google Play for Android devices, and Microsoft.


Drexel Blackboard is a powerful and comprehensive online learning platform that provides students access to course content, assignments, grades, and other vital resources. Its user-friendly design and robust set of features make it an essential tool for success at Drexel University.

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