A Journey of Learning and Growth at Eastern Iowa Community College

Eastern Iowa Community College

Whether starting your higher education journey or looking to advance your career, Eastern Iowa Community College (EICC) offers an enriching learning experience. With campuses located across Eastern Iowa, EICC provides accessible education to transform lives and strengthen communities. In this article, we will explore the many opportunities available to help you succeed and thrive at EICC.

What Eastern Iowa Community College Offers

With campuses located across Eastern Iowa, EICC provides accessible education to transform lives and strengthen communities. Students can choose from over 100 associate degree, diploma and certificate programs. Popular options include nursing, business, engineering technology, agriculture and criminal justice. Flexible scheduling through day, evening and online classes allows students to earn an affordable degree while balancing other responsibilities. Hands-on learning in high-tech labs and internship opportunities further prepare students for success in their chosen careers.

History of Eastern Iowa Community College

Founded in 1966, EICC has served the educational needs of the region for over 50 years. The college began with one campus in Scott County and has since expanded to serve the surrounding eight counties through multiple campus locations. EICC has continued to grow its academic offerings and innovative training programs to meet the changing workforce demands in Eastern Iowa. Over the decades, EICC has helped thousands of students launch successful careers and achieve their higher education goals through affordable, accessible learning opportunities.

Benefits of Studying at Eastern Iowa Community College

Benefits of Studying at Eastern Iowa Community College

There are many advantages to earning your degree or training at EICC. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention to support student success. A caring community of advisors, counselors, tutors and support staff is dedicated to helping students reach their academic and career goals. The flexible scheduling of day, evening and online classes makes education convenient. Hands-on learning experiences in high-tech labs and internships further prepare graduates for the workforce. EICC also provides an affordable postsecondary education along with opportunities for campus involvement to help students develop both professionally and personally.

Academic Programs

EICC offers over 100 associate degree, diploma and certificate programs to choose from. Popular options include nursing, business, engineering technology, agriculture and criminal justice. The college also has strong career and technical education programs in fields like welding, automotive technology and culinary arts. With flexible scheduling including day, evening and online classes, students can earn an affordable degree while balancing work and family responsibilities.

Small class sizes allow for personalized attention from expert faculty with industry experience. Hands-on learning in high-tech labs and through internships further prepares students for careers. Articulation agreements also facilitate seamless transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree at one of EICC’s many transfer university partners.

Student Support Services

A caring community is here to help you achieve your academic goals. Advisors provide guidance on course selection, financial aid options and career planning. Tutoring centers offer individual and group study sessions to boost grades. The library has extensive online and physical resources for research projects.

Other valuable services include disability and veteran support, childcare assistance, transportation assistance, food pantries and emergency funding. Counselors help with issues from test anxiety to relationship problems through individual sessions. TRIO programs further support first-generation students and those from low-income backgrounds.

Campus Life

While earning your degree, take advantage of opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. Compete on athletic teams in sports like basketball, golf and soccer. Join professional clubs to network and develop leadership skills. Volunteer through service trips that give back locally and abroad.

Relax and make new friends at student activities ranging from movie nights and game tournaments to live music and cultural celebrations. On-campus housing at some locations provides a true college experience. No matter which EICC campus you attend, a vibrant student life will enhance your time in this supportive learning community.

Workforce Training

For working professionals, EICC offers customized corporate training programs. Courses can be delivered on-site or online and include topics such as computer skills, leadership development, manufacturing processes and quality control.

Short-term continuing education classes provide flexible options for career upgrades and personal enrichment. Popular options cover subjects like welding, commercial driver’s license certification, medical coding and drone piloting. Gain skills to advance your current career or change career paths altogether through EICC’s workforce training programs.

Innovative Facilities

State-of-the-art learning spaces immerse students in their fields of study. Nursing labs simulate real-world hospital environments. Engineering labs house 3D printers, laser engravers and computer-controlled machinery. The Culinary Institute of Iowa boasts commercial-grade kitchens and a dining room to practice hospitality skills.

The John Deere Technology Innovation Center partners with industry leaders on research projects. A new agriculture center at the Clinton campus houses greenhouse and livestock facilities. The new Scott Community College campus features a Makerspace for creative problem-solving. With innovative facilities continuously expanding, EICC prepares graduates to enter the workforce ready to succeed.

Drawbacks of Eastern Iowa Community College

Drawbacks of Eastern Iowa Community College

Limited Four-Year Degree Options: 

Being a community college, EICC is limited to offering associate degrees and certificate programs that are two years long. Thus, four-year degree options are limited. It can take more time and cost more money to get a bachelor’s degree because students have to transfer to another school to finish it. Nevertheless, transitions can be made easier with the use of articulation agreements.

Commuter Campus Experience: 

Because it does not have a residential campus, EICC is more like a commuter college. This can make it more difficult for students to participate in university activities and make friends than for those who live on campus. Nevertheless, accommodation is available on certain campuses.

Fewer Extracurricular Activities: 

As a smaller institution, EICC does not have the same breadth of clubs, sports teams, arts and cultural events that larger universities provide. Students seeking a robust campus life may feel more limited in opportunities.

Distance from Home for Some: 

Depending on the area in which a student resides, attending EICC may entail a longer daily drive than attending a local four-year university. This is because EICC is located further away from other educational institutions. The additional time spent traveling could be added to the daily schedules of students who are employed.

Class Availability: 

Regarding the availability of classes, EICC, being a community college, offers a smaller number of course sections per semester in comparison to larger universities. Students may have to wait longer to complete their degrees if they are unable to enroll in the classes they require throughout each term since required classes may fill up quickly. Planning ahead is an essential procedure.

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EICC provides an extraordinary educational value from the wide range of academic programs it offers, the supportive services it provides, and the dynamic campus communities it promotes. Whether you are beginning a degree program, upgrading your profession, or exploring new interests, EICC offers you a learning experience that is both engaging and a launchpad for your future success. 

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