I hate Computer Science

Since its introduction as an individual discipline in the 1960s, computer science has become a major part of the academics of today’s modern world. It is a combination of studies of computer and computational procedures. Many people are opting for this field in order to pursue a successful career.

But there is another set of people who do not really like this field despite having a keen interest in technology.

“Yeah, I love technology but I hate computer science,” they say when asked about this field.

This article will revolve around this statement. Let’s discuss what is computer science, why people hate it, and what can be done to raise their interest in this promising field of study.

Starting with…

What is Computer Science?

The term computer science is used for a field of study where people learn about computers and the fields related to them.

i hate computer science

The major areas that computer science covers are as follows:

  • Programming
  • Software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Computer networks

A person first studies computer science as a whole before he opts for a major from the above areas. It is basically an overview of the different computer-related fields. Students learn the basics of these fields and find out the scope they have.

Due to some complications in the subject, and also in educational systems, some people hate it and say “I hate computer science”? But why? Let’s take a look at the reasons that let it happen.

Reasons Why People Hate Computer Science:

The following are some of the major reasons why people hate computer science:

1.      People Find it Complex:

The complexity of curriculum structure is one of the basic reasons why people tend to hate this subject. If you take a look at an average syllabus and content that a computer science course contains, it contains a mixture of different areas of computer i.e., programming, networks, etc.


Discussing all these areas at once can be a little overwhelming for many people. Take a look at the table of content of one of the computer science books of an international curriculum system:


You can clearly witness the complexity of the subject and why people tend to avoid this subject from studying. This complexity leads to confusion in the students’ minds which results in making people say, “I hate computer science.”

2.      Lack of Interest:

Another reason why people hate computer science is the lack of interest in the field. This may occur before or in between the procedure of studying. But why does this happen? Here’s why:

hate computer science

People show a lack of interest in the field because they do not observe the factors they will be studying in the course before they start it. That is because people see this field in its glamourized version in movies and on social media. They think it’s just about pressing some keys on the keyboard.

Computer science is something much bigger than this. A lot of complex things have to be handled in order to make this work. This means that writing a program is not just typing some codes. It requires learning a complex structure and combinations of coding languages. This glorified vision of computer science leads to a lack of interest in people.

3.      Isolation and a Sense of Loneliness:

Computer science is not like other subjects. It is all about spending many hours working on a single project that leads to one’s isolation. This means that once people start studying and working on this subject, they tend to spend a lot of time on their own because they have to get the work done.

It is not wrong that many other fields require isolation to do good work also, but it’s a different case for computer sciences.

For example, if you are a programmer and writing a program for a website you have to create. You are required to put all of your focus on this project because even typing a single wrong code might disturb the structure of the whole website.

In this scenario, it will be quite risky to connect with people while you are doing your work. This leads to boredom and a sense of loneliness and people tend to abandon their studies.

Now that we have discussed some of the major reasons why people hate computer science, let’s discuss what are the solutions for these students that might raise people’s interest in this field.

How to Develop People’s Interest in Computer Science?


The following are some of the basic and important ways through which to turn the claim “I hate computer science” into something more positive:

  • Defining a basic and easy curriculum system can make the study of the subject easier for people.
  • Different seminars should be held to demonstrate the structure of computer science for people before they opt for this field of study.
  • Providing people with real-life projects i.e., website building, networking, etc., can be helpful to teach them the things they will be dealing with once they enter professional life.
  • The studies should be flexible and provide different options so people can choose the one they find easy and are more interested in.
  • There should be developed fun ways to study in order to prevent people from boredom and loneliness.


Computer science has become one of the major parts of today’s academic world. Many people are opting for this field in order to build a successful career. Although there are some people who are interested in technology but say, “I hate computer science.”

In the information given above, we have demonstrated some of the basic reasons why people hate computer science. We have also provided some of the solutions that can overcome this thing and help raise people’s interest in computer science.



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