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Highlights for Children, also known as HighlightsKids, is a magazine for kids from the United States. It first came out in June 1946, created by Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. In the beginning HighlightsKids was a magazine but with technological advancement, it also developed itself, and now it is a website. This online learning platform provides interesting activities, puzzles, games, funny jokes, and many more. The magazine contains something for preschoolers in every issue and one of its goals is to inspire them to read. This guide explains this online learning platform, what it offers, its types, and how it encourages students to learn.

What is HighlightsKids 

A well-known children’s website that has been available for several years is called Highlights. It is noted for its educational and entertaining content and mainly targets children between the ages of 6 and 12. The magazine includes stories, puzzles, games, and educational topics in addition to a large number of other topics. Highlights features stories and puzzles for kids between the ages of six and twelve and are primarily targeted at elementary school learners.

HighlightsKids has a dedicated website that offers a variety of online games and puzzles designed to engage and educate children. The brand also operates an online shop where you can find various products associated with Highlights, including subscriptions to the magazine. HighlightsKids is a part of the Highlights for Children brand, known for its educational and entertaining content for kids through its magazine, website, and other media channels.

Types of Highlights

HighlightsKids is an amazing online learning platform for kids of all ages. This platform plays an important role in advancing kids’ knowledge. There are mainly two types of this platform which are mentioned below:

Highlights Hello

Highlights Hello was started in December 2012. It is especially for very young kids, babies, and toddlers aged 0 to 2 years old. Highlights made it just for babies, and you can get it in different subscription packages. It’s all about things that babies love.

Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five is a magazine for younger kids, sort of like a little brother or sister to Highlights. It started in January 2007 and is made for preschoolers aged two to six. The idea behind High Five is to help kids grow and give parents and kids a fun thing to do together each month. Each magazine has poems, stories, crafts, games, puzzles, and stuff that makes kids want to keep learning.

How HighlightsKids Helps Kids  HighlightsKids 

In today’s world, keeping children entertained while also teaching them new skills can be a challenge. Thankfully, this learning platform has provided a solution, from fun games to interactive stories, this platform makes learning a breeze. Kids can investigate fun activities, solve mysteries, and even seek new languages. Kids will be entertained for hours because everything is done in a fun and interesting way. Whether you are driving a car or on a lazy weekend afternoon, Highlights Kids provides a perfect opportunity to keep children mentally stimulated while still having fun.

How Parents can Use HighlightsKids 

As a parent, you’re always on the lookout for ways to keep your kids happy and learning at the same time. Highlights Kids is a fantastic tool that can help with both of these goals. It offers a variety of games, activities, and stories that make learning fun. The website is built to grab your child’s attention with colorful pictures and interactive stuff. Additionally, you may choose data that is appropriate for your child’s age so it fits their needs exactly. It’s a quick and easy approach to support your kid’s ongoing intellectual and recreational development.

Fun Activities Offered by HighlightsKids HighlightsKids 

Highlights Kids is a fantastic website for kids that offers a variety of engaging and educational features. Here are listed some features of tis online learning platform.

  • Stories – Highlights Kids is filled with fun and exciting stories that kids can enjoy reading
  • Puzzles – The magazine has all sorts of puzzles like mazes and word games, to challenge young minds.
  • Crafts and Activities – It offers creative craft ideas and engaging activities to keep kids busy and entertained.
  • Hidden Pictures – A popular feature is the “Hidden Pictures” where kids can find hidden objects in a picture.
  • Jokes and Riddles – Kids can enjoy a good laugh with jokes and riddles that are included.
  • Science and Nature – HighlightsKids often explores interesting science and nature topics to spark curiosity.
  • Educational Content – It provides educational content to help kids learn while having fun
  • Art and Drawing – There are sections that encourage artistic expression and drawing.

How it Supports Learning 

As a parent it is important to engage in your child’s journey to ensure their overall growth and development. Encourage your child to participate in platform activities as it will greatly benefit them and maximize their learning experience. Following are some useful tips to support your child in learning process:

  • Engage Together – Spend time exploring Highlights Kids content with your child. It’s a great opportunity to bond while learning.
  • Encourage Curiosity – Ask questions about the stories and activities to spark your child’s curiosity and encourage discussion.
  • Set a Routine – Create a regular time for Highlights Kids, like a daily or weekly reading and activity session, to make learning a habit.
  • Celebrate Achievements – Praise your child’s efforts and achievements on the platform to boost their confidence and motivation.
  • Explore Varied Content – Encourage your child to explore different types of content on Highlights Kids, from stories to games, to broaden their interests and skills. 

Last Words

HighlightsKids offers children a combination of education and entertainment. It provides an opportunity for kids to learn things without the need for a significant financial investment. The platform is user friendly offering an abundance of educational activities. As a parent you can engage in your child’s learning journey through this platform while ensuring they have hours of entertainment. See what this educational platform will be offering you such as fun activities & puzzles, stories, videos, and so much more. Start your children’s journey to learning today if you want them to inspire their creativity and problem-solving skills.


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