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10 Painting Ideas – Developing Painting Skills

Painting ideas

The field of painting is an experience that might forever change the course of your life. An approach that allows for the expression of engaging and unparalleled narratives using vivid hues and boundless creative thinking.

Painting for Beginners

This creative expedition offers countless captivating endeavors for beginners as they embark on this creative adventure. Every brushstroke is a progression towards self-expression and enhancing their artistic abilities. These 10 simple painting ideas provide an excellent foundation for diving into the magnificent realm of painting and starting your artistic endeavors.

Requirements for Painting

It’s worth noting that if your plan involves using a considerable volume of water when executing your watercolor masterpiece, by using paper tapes at the edges, stretch the paper before so you prevent it from curling. In addition to the tools mentioned earlier, you might require tissue paper (similar to a paper towel) and a pencil. Furthermore, remember to include a sharpener in addition to the tools listed above. Regarding pencils, our recommendation is 2H or H. Be sure to pick white erasers that won’t leave behind any marks.

Bob Ross

After collecting all the required supplies and settling into a suitable location with a positive mindset, feel free to begin working on any of these watercolor painting ideas provided below. At the final stage, what holds significant importance is commencing with illustration rather than overanalyzing and wasting valuable time, simply begin doing it will bring you joy since it is extremely straightforward. Some beginner painters refer to Bob Ross and his painting skills to learn and to expand their imagination.

Now let’s have a look at the 10 best Painting Ideas for beginners

Top 10 Easy Painting Ideas

 Basic Shapes

Painting Ideas

The first one is about basic shapes. This is mentioned first because it’s one of the first things taught to a child at a young age (recognizing shapes). One easy way to use watercolor is to paint a simple shape. You can use these forms and even crooked lines and figures to make abstract art that looks good. Finish them off with colors that stand out. You could also use fading and transition effects.


  1. Misty mountains


To paint a misty environment with mountains, first use a gray wash to paint the faraway hills and sky. Use just a little bit of green to make some trees. Follow up by painting a few trees with a light touch of blue and green. Then, put a few dark green trees in the background of the picture. We suggest that when you are making landscape art, you make the center darker than the background.


  1. Big brushstrokes

big brush strokes

Your works of art don’t always need to be very detailed. Sometimes, a big, bold way of painting can be amazing and get the job done. Choose a larger paintbrush from your set and paint with free strokes to give the piece movement. If you paint quickly, it might be easier.


  1. Sunset 

Painting Ideas

Other easy ideas for watercolor paintings How about you use only yellow, red, and orange paint to make a beautiful painting of a sunset? Make a straight line to divide the paper into the sea and the sky. Use the gradient painting method to color these parts. So, the red will become orange, and then it will turn yellow. Use a shade of black to add additional elements.


  1. Abstract art

abstract art

If you have trouble deciding what to paint, it can be fun to make abstract art. It is a really good idea for a first watercolor drawing. Using the wet-on-wet method, you can add colors that are different from each other. When the colors move together randomly, they will create great moving effects. It is also fine to splatter paint and move colors around with a paintbrush to make different effects.


  1. Cactus

Painting Ideas

Another interesting concept for a watercolor painting that you may use for inspiration is shown here. Whether you choose to paint them on a canvas, a bookmark, or adorn them on the journal, cacti are a fun subject to work with. They will surely brighten your day. Create equal boxes out of the paper, and then draw cacti of varying heights, widths, and forms into each one. After that, move on to the most interesting phase, which is to combine and produce different hues of green for coloring them. When painting the spines, use a black marker.


  1. Galaxy

Painting Ideas

Galaxies are popular subjects for painters. You are not required to follow through with any of the regulations or a strict rule page to paint a galaxy. Just let your imagination go wild to design a beautiful night sky full of stars. It is completely fine to utilize either a single color in a variety of tones or a variety of colors. You can draw stars either by splashing white paint over the paper (by flicking your brush over the surface of the paper) or by using a white pen.


  1. Sunflowers

Painting Ideas

Another straightforward painting idea, this one depicts a sunflower. Working with the bright yellow color presents some intriguing challenges. The yellow paint color may be used with orange and red paint colors to produce a wide variety of colors. After that, fill the petals with varying shades of bright and dark. The next step is to add a dark brown hue to the middle.


  1. Dress Designing

Painting Ideas

Using watercolor paints may help you develop your skills as a painter and fashion designer. Create paintings of models dressed in a variety of gowns in a variety of styles. In order to create the garments, use ombre and gradient coloring techniques. It is also quite okay to use various colored markers in order to create a variety of designs. Unlock your creative potential and produce clothes that are one-of-a kind.


  1. Forest Landscapes

Painting Ideas

To paint a woodland environment accurately, it requires more than just recreating what the eyes perceive. It extends beyond that, making it possible for the artist to communicate their feelings, to form a profound connection with the natural world, and to instill a sense of awe and mystery in the minds of the audience.

More About Bob Ross – Ending Lines

Robert Norman Ross was a painter, art educator, and television personality based in the United States. He was the originator and host of the educational television program known as “The Joy of Painting,” which ran from 1983 through 1994 and was broadcast across PBS in the USA, the CBC in Canada as well, and other channels of a similar nature in Latin America, Europe, and other parts of the world.


In conclusion, delving into the world of painting ideas and concentrating specifically on forest landscapes reveals an unfathomably vast area of both creative potential and illuminating concepts. Painters who want to convey their feelings and dreams on canvas have an unending source of inspiration in the peaceful, mysterious, and beguiling beauty of nature. This beauty acts as a constant muse for painters. Each stroke of the brush exposes a different narrative that is just waiting to be told. This is true whether the scene being depicted is an enchanted forest filled with mythological animals or a peaceful, foggy morning.


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