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10 Factors Influencing Plagiarism in Higher Education

10 Factors influencing plagiarism in higher education

Students often turn to plagiarism to cope with the pressure of academic work. However, other factors contribute to this problem. This blog post will discuss the 10 Factors influencing plagiarism in higher education. By understanding these factors, educators can create a more supportive environment for students and help reduce the number of plagiarism cases.

Fear of Failing

It is a common belief that students will resort to plagiarism for fear of failing their courses. Students feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they must do and try to take shortcuts to get good grades. It can lead them to copy other people’s ideas and claim them as their own.

Lack of Motivation

Sometimes, a student’s lack of motivation can lead to plagiarism. When students feel they need to be more engaged in their course or have limited interest in the subject matter, they tempt to copy other people’s work instead of putting in the effort required to complete their assignments.

Poor time management

Students find themselves in a tight spot when faced with deadlines for an assignment and resort to copying and pasting existing material to get the job done quickly. Read about Importance of morals and ethics in education.

Good grade desire

Students motivate to get good grades, which can lead them to plagiarize. They look for shortcuts to get the best quality they can with the least effort. It is especially true when it comes to assignments where students have time and resources, such as term papers or research projects.

Lack of Resources

In cases, students cannot access the resources they need to complete an assignment. They force copying someone else’s work to compensate for this lack of resources. For example, universities do not have a good library system in place. Therefore, it becomes difficult for students to find the relevant books and journals they need for their research. They may tempt to take a shortcut and copy someone else’s work instead of investing time in searching for the right resources.

No Plagiarism Knowledge

Students need to learn more about what constitutes plagiarism and the consequences it can have on their academic careers. They need help understanding the importance of correctly citing sources or the implications of plagiarizing someone else’s work. 

Lack of Understanding of Academic Standards

Students must become more familiar with academic standards, such as citation and formatting. It can cause them to make mistakes when citing sources, which can lead to plagiarism. 

Inadequate Supervision

Educational institutions need to provide more supervision for their students. It can cause students to feel they can get away with plagiarizing without consequences. It can also make them feel more comfortable with plagiarism since they do not feel that someone is watching over them.

No Proper Guidance

Students need access to proper guidance regarding completing their assignments. They turn to plagiarism to get the work done quickly. With appropriate direction, students understand the consequences of plagiarism or how to use sources when referencing work correctly. 

Competition for Scholarships and Awards

Students feel pressure to do well to secure scholarships or awards. It can lead them to plagiarize to ensure they get the best grade possible. It can also make students feel more comfortable plagiarizing, as they think it will help them get ahead. 

Unaware of Plagiarism checkers

Every Student needs to make aware of the power of plagiarism checkers. Educators do not use these tools, leaving their students open to potential plagiarism cases. Additionally, students need help understanding these tools and how to use them. Without the proper knowledge and awareness of plagiarism checkers, students do not think twice about plagiarizing someone else’s work.

Lack of Research material

For courses, the required research material might not be easily accessible. It can lead to students feeling frustrated and tempted to plagiarize parts of their assignments. It is essential for educational institutions to provide students with the necessary research materials, so they can access all the information required to complete their work. 

Unaware of Referencing and Plagiarism Difference

It is another factor that can lead to plagiarism. Not all students know the difference between referencing and plagiarism, making it easier for them to pass off someone else’s work as their own. Referencing requires students to cite all sources accurately and provide a list of works they use, while plagiarism is when a student uses another’s work without acknowledgment. 

Too many Research Similarities

Students require help to differentiate between their work and that of others. It can lead to unintentional plagiarism if the student needs to take the time to cite sources properly or check for similarities.

Insufficient Time

Time constraints can be a significant factor in plagiarism cases. When students feel rushed to complete assignments quickly, they require take shortcuts such as plagiarizing or cutting and pasting from other sources.


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