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Unique School Spirit Day Ideas To Unite Your Student Body

Spirit Day Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a fun and exciting school spirit week or day to encourage unity, boost excitement for dress up days and bring memorable experiences. Originating as a high school homecoming tradition, school Spirit Day Ideas have since become staple fare for elementary and middle schools because they’re so much fun!

Giving students a break from the usual routine and the chance to dress up can keep them involved and engaged as they go about their class days. If you’re in charge of generating fall and spring school spirit week ideas, you’re facing a challenge. On the one hand, you want to create fun, unique daily themes to keep the kids engaged and entertained. On the other hand, you don’t want to get too wacky, or you risk most of the students refusing to participate. After all, some kids love the idea of wearing costumes to school, but others are mortified at the idea of looking out of the ordinary.

Fun ways to increase school spiritSpirit Day Ideas

Implement Spirit Fridays at School

Have students and teachers dress up in school colors, or anything that reflects your school (mascot, school T-shirts, etc.). Host face-painting stations and sell school merch at lunchtime. You could even have face-painting competitions where the students with the coolest design wins. 

Themed Spirit Weeks

These are fun to pull out during exciting times at school, such as before winter or spring break or after the exam season. You can theme each day of the week, such as pajama day, twin day, wacky hair day or 60’s day. During lunch, you can throw cool contests (like best dressed) and activities for students.

Organize a Talent Show

This is a great event to show off your students’ different talents, and for the more shy students to come support and watch. Bonus points for talent that involves the school (for example: performing a school song).

Run Door Decorating Contests

This could be used as a monthly contest for classes. Each month can have a different theme (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.). Have some cool school prizes for the winning class!

Fun Swag

Get stickers, temporary tattoos, car flags, posters, bumper stickers, and more so that your students can show their school pride in whichever ways they want.

Celebrate Your School’s Birthday

Increase school spirit by throwing a school birthday party complete with cake, party decorations, and games. This allows the school community to come together for a special celebration!

Elementary School Spirit Week IdeasSpirit Day Ideas

If you’re planning school spirit week for an elementary school, you’re in luck! Elementary school-aged children love participating in wacky, creative Spirit Day Ideas. They’re old enough to have fun but young enough that they still think crazy is cool. If you’re stuck for creative ideas for this year’s elementary school spirit week, check out these ideas that are just perfect for the younger set!

Pajama Day

This one’s easy because it doesn’t require any costumes. Kids love the chance to roll out of bed and head right to school. This works great right before winter break or when done in conjunction with a day focused on reading. After all, there’s nothing more comfortable than curling up in cozy pajamas with a great book. 

Superhero Day

A simple and popular theme is Superhero Day. We all have access to the basis of a superhero costume. A cape! We know Edna Mode said no capes, but tying a bath towel around your neck can instantly make you a superhero. Add some rubber gloves, and boom, you’re a superhero.

And if younger students have a superhero Halloween costume- all the better, let them wear it!

Disney Day

Let it go and experience a whole new world when kids come to school as their favorite Disney character. This one can take some creativity for parents, so make sure to give them enough advance notice to help their child pull it off. Consider expanding this idea to include Disney paraphernalia, including t-shirts, hats and character socks.

Sports Day

Here comes another super inclusive Spirit Day Ideas- Sports Day! If your school has sports teams, those students can wear their related gear, but other students can dress like basketball players, gymnasts, ice skaters, or cross country runners.

You could even host fun Olympic-type games during lunch to crank your Spirit Day Ideas up a notch. 

Mismatch Day

The idea behind this Spirit Day Ideas is simple; mix and match any clothing. Go wacky wearing snow pants with a sombrero or mismatched socks. Students can take it upon themselves to go all the way or just offer an ode to their Spirit Day ensemble.

Pirate Daypirate day

Argh mateys, grab an eye patch and a scarf and prepare to walk the plank with this goofy spirit day. If your school spirit week falls in September, this one’s perfect because it may coincide with International Talk Like a Pirate Day, held each year on September 19. This is also a great option for the middle and high school crowd.

Beach Day

What could be cuter than children dressing as lifeguards and beachgoers? Hula skirts, dainty sandals, lifeguard tops, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen on the nose are excellent ways to dress for this occasion. Ensure the weather is warm enough for these vacation outfits before encouraging your students to dress up.

Neon Day

Many young learners enjoy colors and bright patterns. This school Spirit Day Ideas is simple, and many students will already have something bright they can sport. Bright yellow tops, vibrant pink shoes and every color in between can make an appearance.

Tourist Day

Tourist Day may feel similar to Beach Day, filled with tacky, loud shirts, but they do differ. Encourage students to don a fanny pack, binoculars, and an obscenely large map. Or you may see super Disney fans decked out in Mickey ears and an all-Disney outfit.

Anything but a Backpack Day

These particular Spirit Day Ideas have found immense popularity online. The rule is simple; you cannot bring a backpack to school. Some students arrived with a suitcase full of textbooks, a boat they dragged down the school hall, and even a shopping cart filled with their daily items. 

Movie Nightsmovie night

Invite students and families to the school and project a movie on the side of the school. Make sure everyone brings chairs and blankets for sitting and hand out some snacks.

Food Drive

Great spirit week ideas can be about more than getting your team united in the spirit of fun, it can be about doing good, too. Hosting a food drive throughout the week is a great way to give back to your community, and let’s be honest, almost everyone has some cans in their pantry that they would be fine parting with.


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