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Skillcrush Review: Learning Tech Skills from Home

Skillcrush Review

It can be hard to learn how to code, but it is a great way to improve your job prospects. Because of the benefits of online learning, it’s now easier than ever for anyone to take an online course and learn how to code. But which course company is the best?

We will look into Skillcrush, an online learning site that helps people learn how to code by giving them classes and other tools. Before signing up, please read our review of their services, features, and prices.

What Does Skillcrush Do?

It’s an excellent resource for people who want to join a coding boot camp that promises them a job. It is the perfect place to learn how to code for anyone who wants to work in the computer industry. This site has classes and boot camps for Front End Development, Python, UX Design, and Visual Design. The Break into Tech Program also has parts that guarantee jobs. This program will teach you the basic skills you need to get a job. It costs $2,499 all at once or $229 a month for a year.

Skillcrush is the best online coding school for people who want to work on computers or as coders. This platform gives you an interactive development setting that is easy to use and many practice problems to test what you’ve learned.

Skillcrush FeaturesSkillcrush Review

It has eight classes, including a Break into Tech Program and a free Coding Camp program. Compared to Skillcrush’s main rivals, this number of courses may seem low, but it’s not bad when you think about how Skillcrush focuses on coding subjects. Let us look at each part to see what it has to offer.

Code Camp For Free

As a company, Skillcrush wants to make coding more accessible for more people to learn. That’s why they have a free program called Coding Camp that teaches the basics of code.

The lessons can be done whenever the student wants, so they don’t have to worry about fitting them around other plans or responsibilities. Skillcrush will help you learn how to code once you sign up with an email address. You don’t need to meet any requirements or give credit card information.

By itself, the track covers a lot of ground. It covers more than just the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It also talks about web design and user experience (UX). In this way, it shows you both how to code and where to start.

Overall, it’s a good education for someone who can get it for free, which shows how seriously Skillcrush takes its ideas.

Join The Tech World And Get Hired

Break into Tech is Skillcrush’s best course. This course aims to help people switch careers and “break” into the tech business. So, the course helps students build a portfolio for their chosen career path (they can choose between the Front-End Developer Track and the Designer Track). They can also choose from 5 other skill courses that teach them how to be freelancers and build WordPress websites.

Students also get endless email help, one-on-one coaching, and live Q&A sessions with teachers once a week. Students can also buy the second part of the course, “Get Hired,” which helps them even more with job hunting and applications.

Students can meet with a Careers Coach once a week to teach, work one-on-one with one, get help and advice on building a resume, and join LinkedIn. Changing jobs with the help of many valuable tools in both parts of this course is possible.

The best thing about it was that anyone could get their money back in full if they didn’t get a job as a programmer within 24 weeks of finishing the training. So, if you sign and get everything you need to get the job you want, you have nothing to lose. You will even get your money back in full!

Skillcrush Pros And Cons

Skillcrush Review

At this point, we know what Skillcrush stands for, what classes it offers, and how much they cost. It’s now time to look at Skillcrush’s pros and find out all the great things we found when we used the service ourselves.

How To Use It Easily

We like Skillcrush because it is easy to sign up and access our tools. Unlike some other schools, it doesn’t require students to have any experience or qualifications before joining, so anyone can do so.

They accept several payment methods, such as Visa and PayPal. For smaller monthly payments, they also offer Affirm. This means that you can still take the class even if you can’t pay the whole fee simultaneously. You can make smaller payments each month.

The layout of your Skillcrush account would be easy to use. Just before you are your lessons, goals, and even progress bars that show you how close you are to finishing certain subjects.

On the left sidebar, your resources are clearly labeled, and it’s easy to see links to help and your Slack group. This made it easy for us to find something on our display. We could get to all of our classes, tools, and contacts with a button.

Excellent Help For Students

Isolation and insufficient help are big problems for students studying online. Because courses are meant to be flexible and done on the student’s own time, they often don’t allow students to talk to a trainer, teacher, or anyone else about problems or issues.

Their work on Skillcrush is better than what their rivals have done. Through Slack, you can meet with your teacher one-on-one or in groups and talk to other students in your class.

This makes it possible for students to get much help from their teachers and peers. Students can also get in touch with Skillcrush’s customer service department. You can get help from Skillcrush’s customer service team or through its learning groups. You can reach them by phone, email, or social media.

Courses Of High Quality

It has fewer classes than some other online learning sites, but the ones it does have are better. Every type has a schedule that tells students exactly what they will learn.

Many courses give you resources and projects that you can use to build a portfolio and show how what you learn in each topic can be used in the real world of computers. Students can use many support channels in each course to get comments, advice, and support.

Skillcrush focuses on giving its students high-quality courses that give them the skills and information they need to succeed in the digital industry. Some competitors offer more courses, but the quality of those courses could be better.

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Bad Things About Skillcrush

We want to fix a few mistakes because nothing is perfect. Check them out carefully to see if they make you change your mind about joining Skillcrush.

Fees And Extra Charges

Skillcrush Review

Skillcrush’s main courses aren’t too expensive, and they offer a free introductory system through Coding Camp. However, their Break into Tech course (with the extra Get Hired incentive) is costly.

We can see the worth of this kind of training, but the prices are much higher than those of some of their competitors’ courses on getting a job and applying for one. Not only that, but Skillcrush’s prices hide other costs. A one-time “processing fee” of $49 will be charged when you sign up for your course.

The fees will increase even more because of this, and many students will know this when it’s time to pay. There is also a “hidden charge” for software and tools. It gives its students as many programs as possible and helps them find the best deals and free trials of different programs.

In exchange, you must be ready to pay a few dollars more each month to get access to server services and software like Adobe. Skillcrush, on the other hand, says on its website that it is ready to offer discounts to unemployed students, full-time students, or current or former military members. This means that some people may get lower course fees. But because there isn’t a general deal, you must be precise with Skillcrush.

Limited Number Of Courses

This is a minor complaint since Skillcrush clarifies that it is a site for learning to code. Because of this, most of its classes are only about one subject, which cuts down on the total number of courses it offers.

Even so, Skillcrush deserves praise for providing a free Coding Camp course to help people discover a love for coding. Additionally, the Get Hired part of their Break into Tech course is designed to assist students in locating the right job after finishing their studies.

Lots of learning platforms charge extra for even the most essential tools and don’t help their students get jobs in the fields they’ve studied, but Skillcrush goes above and beyond to help its students.


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