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Are you in search of a thorough and digital platform ⁠ for instructing math and science to your students? If you replied with a yes, then I ⁠ suggest looking into Study Jams by Scholastic. The website has fun videos and ⁠ lessons about science and math. The purpose of this read is to give a thorough description of ⁠ Study Jams and their advantages for both teachers and students. ​

This website has fun things to ⁠ do with numbers and experiments. The platform produces and oversees Scholastic, a famous educational company that ⁠ has been offering students excellent educational resources for many years. You can find over 200 math and ⁠ science topics on Study Jams. It offers videos, slideshows, tutorials, ⁠ and other activities. Through the use of Study Jams, students can gain knowledge about ⁠ subjects like The Universe, Landforms, and Range by watching videos, songs, quizzes and games. The platform is developed to make learning ⁠ exciting and absorbing for students. ​

Features of Study Jams

Personalized Learning  

Study Jams is all ⁠ about personalized learning. They grasp the fact that every student ⁠ learns differently and has varying needs. One way they support various learning styles is by offering a ⁠ selection of resources like video lectures, quizzes, and practice tests. Furthermore, knowledgeable instructors offer tailored help and direction to learners, aiding ⁠ them in surmounting educational obstacles and attaining their aspirations. ​

Rich Content ​

They know that content is really ⁠ important for learning effectively. This is the cause for having a group of experienced ⁠ educators who make enjoyable and educational things for students. Subjects like science, math, history, and sociology ⁠ are covered in the content. Their approach to making learning interactive and enjoyable involves using a ⁠ variety of multimedia resources like videos, animations, and infographics. Find out why studying Business ⁠ Studies is beneficial. ‍

Flexible Learning ‌

They recognize that students have various commitments ⁠ and engagements beyond their studies. They have flexible options for learning ⁠ that match your lifestyle. Anytime and anywhere, students can use their smartphones, ⁠ tablets, or computers to access resources. In addition, the platform permits students to learn independently, ensuring they can ⁠ juggle their academic endeavors along with their personal and professional commitments. ‍

Community Support ​

The community of students and tutors is very ⁠ active and enjoys sharing their knowledge. Students can talk to each other and their tutors ⁠ using discussion forums, chat rooms, and virtual classrooms. In addition, tutors give feedback and help regularly, ⁠ making sure students stay motivated and interested. ⁠

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Study Jams

What Study Jams have to offer

Teachers in elementary or middle school ⁠ classrooms can use helpful materials. Videos can easily incorporate into lessons to reinforce concepts, and karaoke can ⁠ be used as a class activity to make learning fun. Also, students have the opportunity to share links to videos ⁠ or songs that they can watch at home. These resources serve as ⁠ reviews for assessments. ​

Apart from being enjoyable and captivating, Study Jams is ⁠ extremely beneficial for both teachers and students. A teacher mentioned that they rely on ⁠ it frequently, particularly for science subjects. The students are glad ⁠ about it too. They come in handy during testing time too as students ⁠ evaluate in science as well as math and reading. You can use this website for ⁠ free, which is really great! No log in, sign-ups, ⁠ or trials. Study Jams is FREE!!” ​

Paper Free Environment

They also comprehend the value of minimizing ⁠ paper usage in the classroom. By using technology and putting more things online, ⁠ teachers can avoid making lots of copies. This is a great way ⁠ to save paper. By using the platform, teachers can showcase and share student ⁠ work digitally, which means less paper is needed. ⁠

valuable test-taking strategies

They also grasp the idea that making note of important details and ⁠ revising their course material is crucial for achieving academic success. Regrettably, test-taking poses difficulties for many students, ⁠ regardless of their cultural backgrounds. By using Study Jams, teachers can assist students in being successful by teaching ⁠ them valuable test-taking strategies and providing feedback to evaluate their progress. Additionally, it gives distinctive perks ⁠ to trainee educators. Study Jams can make the classroom more ⁠ exciting and get students excited. Through this platform, pre-service teachers can evaluate the waters ⁠ and gain experience before beginning their careers. ‍

Math Activities on Study Jams

Study Jams offer various math activities about various grade levels. Let’s explore some of the key math topics available on the platform:

Counting and Number Sense

In this section, students learn the fundamental concepts of counting, number recognition, and place numbers. Interactive activities and visual aids make learning enjoyable and help students build a strong foundation in numeracy skills.

Addition and Subtraction

Study Jams provides interactive lessons and practice exercises to improve students’ understanding of addition and subtraction. Students develop fluency and problem-solving abilities through step-by-step explanations and real-life examples.

Multiplication and Division

The multiplication and division activities on Study Jams focus on building students’ multiplication tables, division strategies, and problem-solving skills. Engaging games and interactive exercises make the learning process fun and effective.

Geometry and Measurement

This section introduces students to shapes, angles, measurement, and relating reasoning. Study Jams use interactive tools to help students explore geometric concepts and apply measurement skills in practical contexts.

Fractions and Decimals

Study Jams offers comprehensive lessons on fractions and decimals, ensuring students understand these critical concepts. Interactive activities and visual representations enable students to develop a strong understanding of fractional and decimal operations.

Algebra and Equations

For students facing algebra issues, Study Jams provides interactive lessons on variables, expressions, and equations. Students build a solid foundation in algebraic thinking by solving real-world problems and engaging with algebraic concepts.

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Study Jams

Science Activities on Study Jams

Study Jams also offers a proper collection of science activities that cover various scientific disciplines. Let’s explore the key science topics available on the platform:

Life Science

From biology to ecology, Study Jams covers a wide range of life science topics. Students can explore the diversity of living organisms, learn about ecosystems, and go for the wonders of the human body through interactive and informative activities.

Physical Science

Students study the principles of physics and chemistry. Study Jams offers interactive activities that cover concepts like matter, energy, forces, and chemical reactions. Students can conduct virtual experiments and explore the laws of science.

Verdict ​

This online platform is amazing because it helps teach math ⁠ and science to students in elementary and middle school. With its engaging multimedia lessons, Study Jams ⁠ makes learning fun for students. The platform is available to everyone at no cost, ⁠ which is really helpful for schools and educators. I know a great website called Study Jams by ⁠ Scholastic that can teach you math and science. Check it out! ​


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