Study Sync- An award-winning educational publisher

As an award-winning educational publisher, Study Sync has provided innovative educational solutions to educators and students since 2009. Study Sync offers a comprehensive curriculum for grades 6-12 in English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Science, and English Language Learners (ELL), using web-delivered educational tools, including mobile platforms and social networking. With a team of dedicated educators, designers, developers, programmers, and marketing specialists, it allows us to creating adaptable, dynamic, and easy-to-use educational products.

Study Sync Curriculum

StudySync’s award-winning ELA curriculum for grades 6-12 brings literature to life for every learner. It prioritizes selections that reflect the diversity of each reader’s culture and experience. That is ensuring that all students have access to high-quality literature. It provides educators with an easy-to-use platform to deliver adaptable, interactive, and engaging content, ensuring every student can succeed academically.

Award-Winning Educational Publisher

As an award-winning educational publisher, StudySync is recognized for its commitment to innovation and excellence in education. In 2020, StudySync received the Association of American Publishers Learning Group Innovation Award for Best Secondary ELA Instructional Solution. StudySync has been recognized as a finalist for the EdTech Digest Awards in multiple categories, including Language Arts, ELL/ESL, and Curriculum and Instructional Solutions.

Study sync products

Study Sync is a technology company that offers a variety of products to support student learning in language arts, literature, and writing. Their products include:

Study Sync ELA

The product is designed for middle and high school students. It includes a comprehensive language arts curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards. It includes interactive texts, multimedia resources, and writing assignments to help students develop their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

StudySync TV

This product provides students with short videos that illustrate literary concepts and skills. The videos feature engaging hosts and animations to help students understand literary elements and themes better.


This product designs for social studies classrooms and provides students with short, current event-based articles that align with social studies curriculum standards. Students can read the articles and engage in discussion questions and related activities. Get to know about Google Memory Game Help Improve Memory Skills in Kids.

SyncBlasts TV

This product provides students with short, current event-based videos that align with social studies curriculum standards. The videos are designed to spark classroom discussion and encourage critical thinking. StudySync products aim to engage students in learning through various media. It provides comprehensive, standards-aligned curriculum materials to support their academic growth.

StudySync Remote resources

It offers comprehensive remote resources to support distance learning for students and teachers. With StudySync Remote Resources, students can access meaningful learning opportunities anytime and anywhere, apart from classroom-based instruction. StudySync’s approach to remote learning includes using their digital curriculum platform, StudySync ELA, and other resources such as the Library, Video Conferencing for Small Group Instruction, Unit Creator, and 5-Day Mini-Units.

In addition, Live to Learn, which has over three million students and teachers, offers inspired content that makes learning rigorous, engaging, and meaningful. Students can join StudySync by creating an account through the website.

StudySync is a comprehensive literacy curriculum for Grades 6-12. It includes over 1,300 texts, dynamic videos, and multimedia lessons designed to inspire and advance reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills. StudySync offers a Grade 8 Teacher Resource Companion.

StudySync Free Webinars

If you want to learn more about StudySync and SyncBlasts or already use them in your classroom, sign up for a free online seminar to support your learning and teaching. StudySync offers free webinars to educators who want to know more about their ELA instruction and how to use their platform to its fullest potential. After each live event, registrants will receive an online seminar recording for review.

If you are new to StudySync and want to see how it can light up your classroom, you can sign up for a free trial by contacting StudySync’s partner, McGraw Hill. You can call (800) 437-3715 to inquire about Teacher, Building, and District Subscription pricing or contact MHE Customer Support for more information. With StudySync, you can deliver strong, consistent, and engaging ELA instruction anytime, anywhere, on any device, even offline. It is easy for teachers and students to use and offers differentiation and acceleration opportunities for every learner. That includes digital scaffolds within the student experience that automatically tailor every single lesson to each student’s level of conceptual understanding and unique learning needs. You can fully utilize the platform online or offline at school or home.

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It is an award-winning educational publisher that provides innovative and adaptable educational solutions for educators and students. With a commitment to diversity, technology, and excellence, StudySync’s ELA curriculum for grades 6-12 brings literature to life for every learner. Study Sync is recognized for its commitment to innovation and excellence in education. It is receiving awards the Association of American Publishers Learning Group Innovation Award for Best Secondary ELA Instructional Solution.

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