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Things to Do in London for Students During the Spring Break

London is an incredible destination for students looking to explore and have fun during their Spring Break. With a large selection of attractions, events, and activities that will not break the bank, London is the perfect place to fly it all while having a memorable time. Intellect Folks will provide some great ideas on how to experience the best parts of London on a budget, so students can make the most of their Spring Break without compromising on fun or adventure. From free museums and galleries to river cruises and street food markets, this article will cover all the best cheap things to do in London during your student vacation.

Explore Hyde Park

The sprawling park offers plenty of activities and attractions that will not cost you a penny, such as horse riding, swimming in the Serpentine Lake, boating on the lake, open-air theatre performances and free music events. There are also free attractions, such as the Diana Memorial Fountain, the Albert Memorial, and the Holocaust Memorial Garden – an important reminder of a dark period in our history. With its green grassy fields, beautiful gardens, and clear waterside views, Hyde Park is a rest away from the noise of London life.

Visit Local Markets

Visit one of the bustling street markets such as Camden Market for unique clothes, vintage items and jewelry, Borough Market for delicious food stalls or Brick Lane for everything from furniture to art. Remember the vibrant open-air markets like Columbia Road Flower Market, Portobello Road Market, and Greenwich Market. All of these markets offer amazing bargains for students on a budget. Plus, you will experience the unique atmosphere of London’s open-air markets and soak up some traditional English culture.

Attend Free Events

Attending free events is a great way to experience London on a budget. Many galleries, museums, and attractions offer students free or heavily discounted entry. During Spring Break, numerous festivals, concerts, and events are happening throughout the city. Attend shows in the park or browse through street markets with unique goods from local creators. If you are looking for live music nights, art galleries and many other things, there are here in London that can make your spring holidays memory able.

Visit a museum

The British Museum showcases vast collections of artifacts worldwide, while the National Gallery houses over 2,300 paintings from renowned artists. There are also smaller galleries for modern and contemporary art, such as The Saatchi Gallery and Whitechapel Gallery. Moreover, students can explore the Natural History Museum to learn about expired or gone animals and the Science Museum to learn about new inventions. Visiting a museum is an educational and exciting way to spend Spring Break in London.

Explore Camden Town

Exploring the vibrant district of Camden Town is one of the most exciting and affordable things to do in London during spring break. From its trendy restaurants and cafes to its eclectic markets and lively street performers, the area offers plenty of activities for tourists and students alike. Spend an afternoon browsing one of Camden’s famed markets, such as Stables or Buck Street, to find unique gifts, treats, and souvenirs. Visitors can also stroll along Regent’s Canal to catch some live music in the evening. With its vibrant atmosphere and bustling nightlife, Camden Town is the perfect destination for those looking to experience all London offers without breaking the bank.

Things to Do in London

Take a Boat Ride

One of the most inexpensive yet enjoyable activities you can do while in London during spring break is boat riding down the river Thames. Boats depart from numerous piers, so finding one that suits your needs is easy. Some companies offer leisurely cruises, allowing you to take in the sights along both sides of the river. If you are feeling to do something crazy, then boating is the best option; there are a lot of motorboats and water rides that you enjoy a lot.

Go Biking

Exploring London by bike is a great way for students to taste the city during spring break. With many cycle roads, parks and paths in the city, students can enjoy biking around the streets of London. Bring your bicycle or rent one from local bike hire shops. Even guided cycling tours are available for those looking for a more structured experience. Biking in London is an economical way to explore the city and its attractions – making it an ideal activity for budget-conscious students.

Take a Walking Tour

A great way to explore the British capital’s rich history and culture during spring break is to take a walking tour. There are numerous free or cheap tours of famous landmarks, like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and tours of lesser-known areas of the city that offer an alternative perspective. Visitors can find tours tailored specifically to their interests, such as literary or foodie tours.

Visit Parks and Gardens

Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Richmond Park are some of the most popular parks in London, but there are plenty more to choose from. Whether it is a picnic, a relaxing stroll or enjoying some outdoor sports, these parks are great for students on a budget, as entry is free. Plus, many host events such as music concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year.

Shop Until You Drop

Whether high-street fashion or vintage finds, London’s stores have something for everyone. From Oxford Street to the West End and Camden Market, there are plenty of places to explore and shop until you drop. Oxford Street is home to some of the biggest names in fashion but remember Covent Garden and Regent Street for smaller boutiques and vintage finds. Camden Market is another great option with its eclectic mix of vendors selling everything from clothing to art and furniture. No matter your budget, there is something for everyone in London.

Wrapping Up

London is a truly spectacular city with plenty of exciting activities for students to explore during spring break. With its mix of culture, history, art, and modern attractions, there is something for everyone in London. Plus, with so many free or affordable activities available to students, it is easy to explore the city on a budget. From visiting museums and historical sites to exploring world-class shopping areas and sampling delicious street food, students will find plenty of options for having an awesome spring break in London without breaking the bank. So, get ready to experience all London offers and start planning your adventure today.

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