Top 10 Medical Assistant Jobs in 2023

Top 10 Medical Assistant Jobs in 2023

The demand for skilled medical assistants is rising as the healthcare industry grows. Medical assistants play a vital role in healthcare, helping physicians and other healthcare professionals provide patient care. They perform various clinical and administrative tasks that keep healthcare facilities running smoothly. If you are considering a career in medical assisting, you will be glad to know that job opportunities are available. Here are the top ten medical assistant jobs to look out for in 2023.

Clinical Medical Assistant

As a clinical medical assistant, you would work alongside healthcare professionals to provide patient care in clinical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Your duties may include recording patient information, taking vital signs, administering medications, performing diagnostic tests, and assisting with medical procedures.

In 2023, medical assistant jobs are expected to grow due to the aging population and increased demand for healthcare services. As a result, there may be a higher demand for clinical medical assistants. It is important to note that the specific job duties and requirements may vary based on the employer and the typical healthcare setting. 

Administrative Medical Assistant

An Administrative Medical Assistant is a healthcare professional who assists in the daily administrative tasks of a medical facility. In this role, you may be responsible for scheduling appointments, managing patient records, greeting patients, answering phone calls, and other administrative duties. You may also manage insurance claims and coordinate with insurance companies.

To become an Administrative Medical Assistant, you typically need to complete a training program in medical assisting, ranging from months to a year. Certification is required, but employers may prefer it. Critical skills for this role include excellent communication, organization, diligence, and the ability to work well in a team.

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant

An Ophthalmic Medical Assistant is a type of Medical Assistant who specializes in foot and ankle care—preparing patients for examination by taking their medical history, recording vital signs, assisting with medical procedures, and assisting the Ophthalmic with tests, surgeries, and other medical procedures related to the foot and ankle.

An Ophthalmic Medical Assistant may work in various settings, including podiatry offices, hospitals, and clinics. They may also work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as nurses and physicians. Overall, the role of a Podiatric Medical Assistant is essential, as it helps ensure that patients receive the best possible care for their foot and ankle conditions.

Podiatric Medical Assistant

As of 2023, a podiatric medical assistant specializes in supporting podiatrists or foot and ankle doctors. Podiatric Medical Assistants typically work in podiatry clinics, hospitals, or private practices.

To become a Podiatric Medical Assistant, one typically needs to complete a medical assisting program that includes specialized training in podiatry. Employers require certification as a Medical Assistant or a similar credential.

Top 10 Medical Assistant Jobs in 2023

Chiropractic Medical Assistant

A chiropractic medical assistant is a healthcare professional who works in a chiropractic clinic or office under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor. The primary responsibility of a chiropractic medical assistant is to provide administrative and clinical support to the chiropractor.

The administrative duties of a chiropractic medical assistant may include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, billing and coding, and handling insurance claims. They may also be responsible for managing correspondence, managing inventory and supplies, and performing other office-related tasks.

Cardiology Medical Assistant

A cardiology medical assistant is a healthcare professional who works in a cardiology clinic or hospital setting. They collaborate with physicians and healthcare professionals to provide patient care in the cardiology department.

Their job duties may include taking patients’ medical history, performing electrocardiograms (EKGs), assisting with stress tests and other diagnostic procedures, explaining procedures to patients, and providing patient education on heart health and lifestyle changes. They may also be responsible for preparing exam rooms, taking vital signs, and documenting patient information in electronic medical records.

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Dermatology Medical Assistant

Dermatology medical assistant primary responsibility will be to support dermatologists in providing care to patients with various skin conditions. Your duties may include preparing patients for examination, assisting with procedures, collecting patient information and medical history, documenting treatments, and providing patient education.

To become a dermatology medical assistant, you must complete a medical assisting program and obtain certification from a recognized accrediting organization, such as the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Employers may also require previous experience in a dermatology setting or additional training in dermatology procedures.

Geriatric Medical Assistant

A Geriatric Medical Assistant jobs are about a trained healthcare professional who collaborates with elderly patients to provide medical care and support. They work under the supervision of a physician or nurse. They are responsible for various tasks, such as taking vital signs, recording medical histories, administering medications, and assisting with medical procedures.

In addition to the typical duties of a Medical Assistant, Geriatric Medical Assistants are trained to collaborate specifically with elderly patients. They may perform specialized tasks, such as helping patients with mobility issues, providing emotional support, and communicating with family members and caregivers.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Assistant

As an Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Assistant, you would collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals to care for female patients. To become an Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Assistant, complete a medical assisting program and obtain certification. You may also need to undergo additional training specific to obstetrics and gynecology.

Neurology Medical Assistant

A neurology medical assistant is a healthcare professional who collaborates with neurologists and other healthcare providers to assist in patient care. Their duties may include:

  • Taking patient histories.
  • Performing routine tests and procedures.
  • Preparing patients for examinations.
  • Communicating with patients about their care.

Specific tasks that a neurology medical assistant might perform include administering medications, collecting, and analyzing patient samples, and monitoring patients’ vital signs. They may also organize and maintain patient records, schedule appointments, and manage administrative tasks as needed.


Medical assistant jobs are a rewarding and growing field with various job opportunities. Whether you want to collaborate directly with patients or in an administrative role, a medical assistant job is right for you. Consider pursuing a career in medical assistance to be effective in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike.


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