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Links for students are invaluable tools in our digital world. Whether it be a link to online learning resources, online tutorials, lectures, or social media networks that support academic interests, Links for students are the key to discovering great opportunities. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, hundreds of different online links exist. They offer a wide range of topics and areas of interest, meaning the potential academic benefits are limitless. With a quick search on the internet and exploration of these various accessible links, students can expand their knowledge base, access helpful new information, and extend their overall educational possibilities.

Navigating college or university life can often be overwhelming. With so many links for students to explore, it can be challenging to identify the ones that are helpful versus those that are irrelevant. That is why we have compiled a list of links for students that can offer practical tools and valuable insights. From financial aid to internships, these links provide a wealth of information at your fingertips, making student life easier and simpler. These links for student help to make well-informed decisions regarding their studies and should be bookmarked as a handy resource.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an excellent tool for students to find valuable academic resources. It has simplified the search process, connecting users to millions of articles from all over the world. Researching and gathering information became much easier and more efficient. It provides links to reliable sources and offers an easy way for users to track cited works using their email addresses or phone numbers to keep a record of favorite sources or newly discovered authors.

For students, accessing necessary research materials quickly and conveniently can go a long way when having tight deadlines imposed by professors. Google Scholar is a beneficial resource that links to educational materials suitable for all academic levels. You can quickly enter keywords related to your topic with a few clicks. Heavy-hitting publications like The New York Times and Harvard Business Review instantly come up with links to relevant articles. Moreover, you can narrow down results even further by choosing to only display results within a specific timeframe or a particular publisher, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for in less time than it takes to complete a single-page assignment.


JSTOR is a valuable tool for students worldwide, offering links to electronic versions of thousands of academic journals. It is now much easier to conduct research and find critical information that could otherwise be hard to source. Whether looking for information relevant to college-level courses or university studies, JSTOR links can provide links to many articles, journals, and books. The beautiful thing is that they are often just a few clicks away, meaning you can get on with your work without joining multiple libraries or scanning through stacks of physical records. Finally, with its innovative search capabilities, JSTOR makes it simple for students to quickly find the resources they need and make the most of their studies.


Mendeley is an excellent tool for students of all levels. It links directly to some of the most popular online research resources, helping you quickly and easily access recent, relevant articles about any given topic. It connects various sources so students can easily find the research and information they need for their studies. Whether citing articles, organizing references, or searching for exciting and relevant readings, Mendeley has everything a student needs to succeed.

Not only that, but when you find the perfect paper for your project or assignment, Mendeley helps you save it directly to your personalized library. This way, you can keep track of your queued research and keep everything organized for easy reference anytime you need it. Mendeley is essential in helping students stay on top of their studies while also enabling them to advance their skills in research practices.


EasyBib is a handy tool for students of all ages and stages. It provides students the resources they need to make writing papers and citing sources easier. EasyBib allows users to access many links to their documents, including scholarly texts, book excerpts, and online databases. Students can quickly cross-check their facts with these links without visiting multiple websites or reference works. EasyBib also encourages citation standardization by providing step-by-step directions on formatting citations properly in various academic styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago. Additionally, EasyBib’s search engine makes it easy for students to find what they need in a short amount of time. Overall, EasyBib offers significant assistance for any student working on research projects or writing essays.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online resource with helpful links for students to explore. It provides a variety of resources, such as lessons in math and science classes, help with SAT and other standardized test prep, and educational videos on everything ranging from cosmology to finance. Khan Academy serves students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. It offers adaptive practice for those looking to further their understanding in a chosen field and materials for younger students just starting. These activities inspire learning that can be applied in the real world through an engaging format that fosters independence and encourages exploration. The platform uses personalized dashboards, which 10 allow reviews on progress to track mastery levels and provide the motivation necessary for success.


Quizlet is an invaluable link for students of all ages. It is an online platform that creates a virtual learning environment, allowing learners to access educational materials, collaborates with peers, and challenge themselves academically. Quizlet also provides helpful links, offering users a range of resources from practice questions and flashcards to in-depth articles and research papers. It is an excellent resource for school assignments, independent study, and revision sessions. Furthermore, the interactive features allow students to benefit from studying together in a shared space, creating challenges and earning rewards for high scores on activities. It is undoubtedly one of the most valuable links for students eager to excel academically.


Koofers is an online community designed specifically for college students. Now it has become a part of docsity. It links students to essential resources such as professor ratings, average grades from past classes, links to free textbooks, and class notes from previous courses. Every resource within Koofers is precisely tailored to the needs of a student. Not only does Koofers provide links to help students stay engaged in their class. But it can also help curate classroom discussions through interactive forums where students can ask questions and get advice from qualified student peers. In addition, Koofers can help boost SAT scores through subject-specific practice tests and score evaluations once the tests are taken. By providing links for students that span various subjects and different types of resources, Koofers allows college students to approach their education confidently, knowing they have access to the correct information at the right time.


SparkNotes is an online designed to help students strengthen their academic skills. It links to study guides, summaries, and educational articles, providing Links for students to help in researching and writing assignments. SparkNotes offers summaries of popular books and study guides that summarize major plot points and provide background information on each character. This resource also links to helpful articles that explain different aspects of literature, history, science, and other topics featured in standard courses. It helps students learn the nuances behind a subject or book they are reading instead of simply memorizing facts without fully understanding them. Students can access this website anywhere with an internet connection, allowing them to get the help they need at any time for any assignment.

Essay Punch

Essay Punch is an online writing resource for students of any level. It links students to interactive tools designed to strengthen their essay-writing skills. Through a guided writing process, the program helps students learn how to create outlines, generate ideas, organize information logically, and apply different rhetorical strategies. Using multimedia content, including videos and audio cues, Essay Punch encourages students to explore the fundamentals of writing while building strong links between written language and engaging multimedia presentations. With step-by-step instructions and links to helpful articles from experienced educators and experts in the field. Essay Punch provides Links for students to great resources looking for guidance on their essays.

Doc Hub

Dochub is a helpful online resource for students of all ages. It was created to make links for students that are easily accessible and searchable. Dochub has quickly become one of the leading websites students use to find reliable links and information. By providing links to various sources, including websites, articles, blogs, and more. Dochub allows users to explore their academic interests in just a few clicks. It is also helpful for college-level students who can utilize the links provided by Dochub to get the upper hand on research projects without having to wander the internet for hours looking for adequate links. With its user-friendly interface and expansive database, Dochub provides links for students that help make educational tasks more accessible than ever before.

In conclusion, links for students can be incredibly useful in assisting with their educational needs. Not only can they provide access to resources and services, but many of the links for students are available can educate about a variety of topics. From links dedicated to helping with literary assignments or links that offer knowledge about specific fields of study, links for students can provide a fantastic opportunity to expand their education beyond the traditional parameters. With the power to unlock tools and information from all over the world, links for students can take their learning experience to a whole new level.

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