Exploring Word Games: A Vocabulary Spelling City Review

Vocabulary Spelling City

No matter what your age is or which grade you are in. Getting your mind and soul to learn spelling or vocabulary can be a boring, and at times, a difficult task. Not only is it hard to grasp a new word, but it is also monotonous.

Imagine reading and writing a single word repeatedly just to get it stuck in your mind. Boring, right? Thankfully, there exists one such platform which can help you tackle your fear of new vocabulary while making sure that you don’t bore yourself to death.

Vocabulary Spelling City or more commonly referred to as Spelling City, is a website that allows you to learn new words and enjoy yourself while doing so. It is an interactive platform where the user is provided with a plethora of resources to help them with their vocabulary.

The website is not only limited to resources like reading materials or videos, but it also has the option to learn while playing fun and engaging games. In fact, there are a lot of things that make SpellingCity the great platform it is. Here are some of the things about the website that will surely catch your attention.

Clean and Friendly User Interface

Upon entering, you will immediately be greeted with what is a clean and minimalistic user interface (UI). The layout of the website is rather simple, and this makes navigation across its different pages and sections quite easy. The website itself is attractive, but not to the point where all your attention will be driven towards its design instead of the content. All this allows users to easily find their way within the website in no time.

Vocabulary Spelling City loginVocabulary Spelling City login

At first glance, you might think that Vocabulary SpellingCity is a portal dedicated to young kids, mainly those from an elementary level of study. However, that’s not really the case. From basic spelling programs for elementary students to SAT/ACT test preparations, Vocabulary SpellingCity has got you covered. Just select the program of your choice and jump right into the study sessions.

Everything a teacher could ask for

Vocabulary Spelling City provides teachers with lesson plan ideas so that they can prepare their lectures without any sort of hassle. Apart from lesson plans, the platform also provides you with resources and supplement materials like word lists, so that you don’t have to take any extra burden in preparing all this. 

Interactive learning through fun and engaging gameplay

The option to engage yourself in fun games while enabling yourself to retain newly learned vocabulary, is perhaps one of the most interesting things about Vocabulary Spelling City. The website lets you choose the words you would like to be included in your game and then select the type of activity or gameplay you want.

Spelling Games

The website provides its users with 40+ games. These games are further categorized as follows:

  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Writing
  • Language Arts

The platform also lets you print out worksheets where you get to set the words, font, and almost everything else. There is also the option for the printables to be set in sign language which is something you don’t usually see in online learning platforms.

Vocabulary Spelling City lets you try out free samples so that you can check out all these features for yourself. But to see its true potential, you should opt for the premium subscription where you get to unlock all the facilities available on the site.

Mobile AppVocabulary Spelling City mobile app comes with an app of its own which is available for both Android and iOS.

The app has all the features you will find in the main website.

Premium users get to avail all the facilities and features of the app including the 35+ games that can help students in vocabulary retention.

Other features of the app includes

  • Up to 9 free spelling, vocabulary, reading and phonics games for students to enjoy
  • Pre-made and customized word lists that have been composed keeping the needs of our students in mind
  • Automated progress tracking and report generation for those with a premium membership
  • A self-testing feature to help students prepare for their tests

Apart from all this, the app has a lot more to offer and explore, something that users will most certainly find useful, and enjoy while using. 

Home-schooling made simple

If you plan on meeting your child’s educational needs at home, or would want to give them a head start on their academic life, Vocabulary Spelling City can help you a great deal in that regard. Not only is the platform well equipped to facilitate self-study, but it has all the things you need to tutor your loved ones within the comfort of your own home.

Standardized tests, practice sheets, and interactive learning sessions can be implemented with the existing resources available at SVocabulary Spelling City. It minimizes the need for extra effort from your end while ensuring maximum productivity from your children.

Videos to guide you through the platform

Although has a simple and friendly UI, users might still need assistance to understand how the platform works or how you can reap maximum benefits from its premium membership. Keeping all this in mind, the site has been provided with a Videos/FAQ tab that helps newcomers to understand how things work.

The videos are kept to the point and provide users with necessary information to work their way through Vocabulary Spelling City. Users are guided with utmost accuracy and maximum detail on how the features work and how you can make the most out of the platform.

If you still need further assistance, there is always the help section. You can even contact the platform via email if you are still confused about anything.

Subscribing to the premium membershipSubscribing to the premium membership

As mentioned before, in order to reap the full benefits of Vocabulary Spelling City, you will need to opt for their premium membership. Pricing starts at $2.25 per student (annually).

In case you want to go for the teachers or the parents subscribing option, they cost around $69.95 annually (for up to 25 students)  and $34.95 annually (for up to 5 students) respectively.

Subscribing to the premium membership will allow users to utilize all of the facilities that Vocabulary Spelling City provides, including all the spelling games. From a broader perspective, the outcome you will get from is worth the premium price.

Upgrade From Vocabulary Spelling City to Vocabulary A-Z

Vocabulary A-Z combines the digital, game-based Vocabulary Spelling City activities you love with a wealth of additional instructional materials, reporting tools, and more to help K-5 students build vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills and increase reading comprehension.

In conclusion

Vocabulary Spelling City has a range of games to keep your child engaged, using any word list. Kids can practice spelling tests, play hangman style games. Missing letters and alphabetising are just the beginning. Kids can then move on to unscramble words and sentences. This is one of the best spelling apps for kids because you can also create your own spelling lists by registering (for free) at For the app you need a paid premium membership which opens up 35+ activities including spelling, vocabulary, phonics, and writing to be played on desktop or mobile devices.


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