Explordle: A Whimsical Adventure Game for All Ages

Explordle: A Whimsical Adventure Game for All Ages

In the amusing geography game Explordle, you have to identify the proper locations from a YouTube video. Although the game is played with a video rather than Google Street View, in some ways it is similar to the GeoGuessr game.

The Explordle rules are very simple to understand. You are shown a video of a random area and asked to select the correct location from a list of four. After making your assumption, whether it was correct or not, you can use an interactive map to determine the precise location of the video.

Explordle is a little harder due to the Chinese language used in the answers (for non-Chinese speakers). This is not a problem if you use Chrome and have Google Translate enabled. Selecting the map icon next to each multiple-choice response in other browsers will allow you to get around any language barriers (in order to view a map of the location).Explordle: A Whimsical Adventure Game for All Ages

If you really can’t be bothered playing in Chinese, try “City Guesser” instead. Despite being in English, the game is essentially identical.

The enjoyable guessing-location game In the game Explordle City Guesser, you must identify a specific location in a video. To start playing, just point at the location indicated on an interactive map. A seemingly random video of a location in the world is played by the game. You must pay attention to the visual cues in the clip to determine where you think the movie was shot (such as the language & words used in street signs and the design of the street furniture). After making your guess, all you have to do is click on an interactive map to start earning points for how accurately you identified the location from the video.

City Guesser, Explordle, and GeoGuessr all depend on you being able to recognize visual cues in order to figure out where the game is. Because they emphasize a sense of place and make you think about the specific qualities that define a location, all three games are enjoyable to me.

FeaturesExplordle: A Whimsical Adventure Game for All Ages

  • Online multiplayer games.
  • Excellent 2D sights, controls.

Explordle Instructions

Explordle rules are very easy to understand. You receive a video clip of someone exploring or taking a stroll through a city or famous landmark area. The goal is for the player to choose the appropriate response from a range of possibilities; each appropriate response helps the player understand the objective better.

For instance, in the Daily Adventure, try guessing the continent, the nation, and then the city. Then, similar to Wordle, you can share your results. Depending on store signs, street signs, etc., you can easily categorize some clips, but you may find it difficult with others. Playing this game will probably cost you up to an hour of your valuable time. In order to be included in the game, you can also submit your own videos. You might be able to use that to visualize some of your own travels.

Explordle game does for travel what Wordle does for vocabulary

Travel social media and it seems like everyone on the planet is playing Wordle, trying to guess the daily five-letter word puzzle. But where on Earth are you playing? How good is your geography, how true your travel skills? How fine is your eye for detail? Those are the questions lesser-known Explordle asks.

It’s an online travel game that has much in common with the boom in live streamed tours and trips on sites such as Heygo and Viewpal. What you get is a video clip, filmed in the first person, by someone strolling through a city or in a notable landmark area. The challenge is to guess the destination from multiple choice answers, each correct solution leading you to a deeper dive.

In the Daily Adventure, for example, guess first the continent, then the country and finally the city in question. Then you can share your success just like you can in Wordle. Alternatively a menu offers a series of videos sorted into categories by country or by theme, such as monuments for example. There’s also a random video generator to really test your powers of observation.

Look for shop names and street signs for language pointers; clothing and costume offer hints: check the climate. Last , but not least, you can submit your own videos for potential inclusion in the game. So you could see your own travels sometime soon.

WordleExplordle: A Whimsical Adventure Game for All Ages

Wordle is a daily free word puzzle game owned and operated by the New York Times. Players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word on a tiled grid, with each guess indicating which letters are correct or incorrect using colored squares. Letters on the in-game keyboard are also color-coded similarly to help players keep track of which letters have been guessed. The puzzle refreshes at midnight local time all over the world, and the solution is the same for all players each day. Wordle was created by former Reddit engineer Josh Wardle for himself and his partner to play, before going viral worldwide in November 2021, leading the Times to buy it from Wardle in early 2022 for their Puzzles section.

Alternatives to Explordle wordle game

We are seeing a lot of web and mobile applications that mimic the way Wordle works and seek to take some of the popularity away from this new platform. Some developers take advantage of this success to launch applications and provide us with alternatives to spend our free time simply using our browser.

We leave you some alternatives to Explordle:

  • Angle game geometry wordle
  • Tradle game wordle trade
  • Loldle – league of legends wordle
  • Duotrigordle game
  • Footdle wordle

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