Empowering Student Voices at Freedom Middle School Bakersfield

Freedom Middle School Bakersfield

Empowering student voices is a crucial aspect of creating a special and goal oriented educational community. Here’s a plan on how Freedom Middle School in Bakersfield can empower student voices to groom all the students equally as like some brilliant students in school.


In the heart of Bakersfield, California, Freedom Middle School stands as a base of educational excellence and variety in knowledge. At the aspect of our education, we belief that students are not just passive gainer of knowledge but active candidate in their own learning process. Empowering student voices depends on the heart of our mission. We notice that when students are encouraged to involve themselves in decision-making, and take their educational experience practically, they become more beneficial learners and responsible citizens.

Student Voice at Freedom Middle School

Student voice practices are defined as the participation of students to influence the educational decisions that shape their lives. Student voice can take many shapes. Students can organize and demand changes in administration rules, curriculum, or school environment. Teachers can ask students to provide their opinion on lessons. Schools can create advisory boards for students to provide intake into policy issues.

The second term of this is student voice framework which is a comprehensive approach that educational institutions, schools, and organizations can use to actively engage and empower students in decision-making processes, educational experiences, and school activities. This framework recognizes the importance of valuing and includes student perspectives to improve educational outcomes and forward a positive learning environment.

Create a Student Council

Freedom Middle School built a Student Council with elected members from various mindset and backgrounds. This council will serve as the voice of the student behavior and work closely with school administration to guide student and their propose. Students will be observed by the council in every aspect of character building. Another good step of Freedom Middle School is that it takes regular meetings with students and school admins to discuss all issues, ideas and discover the best solutions. These meetings should be independent and open so that every one student can attend them and get related things which they want.

Student Feedback

Conduct regular surveys to gather feedback from students about their involvement at Freedom Middle School. Use this feedback to recognize things for improvement and growth. Show the positive response on every questionary of students so that they completely participate in this survey. Then to collect more opinions and suggestions, Organize open forums or open hall meetings where students can openly discuss their reviews, ideas, and suggestions with school staff and administrators. motivate respectful dialogue and active listening.

Student-Led Initiatives

Encourage students to present and lead energy that positioned with their interests and concerns. Provide assistance and resources to help them appliance these projects, whether they are related to academics, after school activities, or school facilities. Establish a contrast and Inclusion Committee within the Student Council. This committee should work to ensure that all students’ voices are heard and oppose policies.

Mentoring and Leadership ProgramsFreedom Middle School Bakersfield

Create mentoring and leadership programs that connect older students at Freedom Middle School with younger ones. This will not only provide mentorship opportunities but also promote a sense of grouping and belonging.

Digital Platforms

Develop digital platforms or use existing ones like social media, school websites, or online forums for students to share their thoughts and concerns anonymously if they prefer. Encourage responsible use and self-control to ensure a safe space for communication. Establish a continuous feedback loop where the school administration provides updates to students on the status of their suggestions and actions taken in response to their feedback.

Student-Teacher Partnerships

Promote partnerships between students and teachers where students have a say in shaping classroom experiences and curriculum, with the teachers at their school. This can help make learning more engaging and relevant to students’ interests.

Co-Creation of Curriculum

Encourage the Co creation of curriculum topics with students. This means involving students in choosing course materials, project topics and learning contents. Forwarding a sense of leadership in their education.

Train students in resolution and related skills. Empower them to help resolve conflicts among their peers, fostering a culture of sympathy and problem-solving. Avoid all these activities which cause dispute in the schools’ environment.

Recognition and Awards

Acknowledge and celebrate students who contribute in good manner to the betterment of the Freedom Middle School’s community through their ideas and initiatives. Consider establishing awards or recognition programs. Involve parents in the process by regularly updating them on student-led initiatives and progress. Encourage parents to support their children’s involvement in school activities. Brief them about the activities of their children.

Evaluation and AdaptationFreedom Middle School Bakersfield

Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives in empowering student voices and make necessary adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.

By implementing these strategies, Freedom Middle School in Bakersfield can create an environment where students feel benefited, heard, and empowered to clearly contribute to their educational experience and school activities. This not only increases the quality of education but also prepares students for responsible citizenship and leadership in the future.

This Unique activity of Freedom Middle School provides students with a different self confidence in their society for survival. To empowering students voice is the basic concept to make the student powerful in all the aspects of life and current environment. Students can openly raise an issue, question and suggestion related to their class curriculum, schools administration, or any other concerning field of school.

Final Thoughts

Empowering student voices is a basic aspect of the current education scenario. It involves making a dynamic and broad environment where students are not secondary members but primary members in shaping their student life.

By providing platforms for open dialogue, such as student councils, feedback mechanisms, and student-led initiatives, we increase their angle and encourage their involvement in decision-making. This approach promotes a sense of ownership, responsibility, and confidence among students, promoting not only academic topics but also the development of critical life skills. Ultimately, empowering student voices enriches the educational experience, nurtures responsible citizens, and strengthens the bonds within the school community.


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