What are Secrets of Gravity Maze Game? Learn How to Play and Experience The Fun

Gravity Maze

Playing the Gravity Maze game is quite interesting as it puts your analytical thinking and visual perception to test. This is a gravity maze game where you should think well and strategically position translucent towers to lead your marbles through the maze by utilizing gravity.


ThinkFun team strives to fire up a mind in this the particular game. They provide sixty challenging games in different levels, beginning with the simple to the most complicated. Hence, this is a thrilling game not only for children but also adults of different skills. The first tower that is in place will be determined by each challenge card. Afterwards, the player has to find an appropriate place where to put the remaining towers to ensure that the marble will go through this maze and will reach the target tower. Moreover, Gravity Maze is playable for families in its second variant multiplayer. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this fun 3D puzzle game and that makes is ideal for any type of game night.

Understanding the Gravity

Those who do not know what the word gravity means, it is one of the basic forces holding together the structure and conduct of the cosmos. It is in fact a mysterious power which attracts everything from galaxies, stars right down to your morning cup of tea. Newton’s law of universal gravitation that was proposed and Einstein’s theory of the general relativity developed later, made it possible to understand the gravity phenomena that keeps us on the ground, holds the earth in its orbit around the sun and shapes the universe. Gravity is perhaps one among the most mysterious and well-studied phenomenological aspects that operate every place, every day, in our life.

How Gravity Maze Educates us

Gravity Maze

The game gravity maze is unique as it provides for an instructive and realistic approach explaining concept of gravitation. It creates the idea that is gravity by having the players build a journey for a marble through translucent towers. Players view in close proximity, using their own vision, the gravitational pull working upon the marble as it rolls down the maze.

It allows children to practice important abilities like Structured awareness and problem solving. The game inspires the players to imagine the impact of gravity on the marble’s journey through the maze. This helps one to understand how gravitational effect occurs and encourages critical thinking towards solving related issues. Furthermore, Gravity Maze falls into the category of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys, thus supporting education on those topics4. Thus players learn how to develop and use simple engineering designs and scientific method by interacting directly as they build and test different maze arrangements. Such training allows them to think, formulate hypotheses, conduct experiments, examine them and make conclusions to adjust their strategies according to the obtained results.

How to Play

Gravity Maze

It is a logic game where one creates a way for the marble to land in its destination at a target tower known as Gravity Maze. Here’s how to play


The game comes with a set of towers in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), a grid, three marbles, and a deck of 60 challenge cards divided into four difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. First, you select a challenge card and position the towers following what is indicated on the card.


You need to design a route for the marble starting at the start tower (marked with red) towards the target tower (marked with purple).

Building the Maze

You need to add additional towers (indicated in grey on the card) to the grid to complete the path. The challenge card shows you which additional towers you must use but not where to place them. That’s for you to figure out.


  • Each tower has one or more entry and exit points.
  • The marble must enter from the top and exit from the bottom of a tower.
  • The marble cannot jump between towers; it must have a continuous path.

Solving the Maze

When you feel you have solved the challenge, let the marble fall down from the start point. You have solved the maze if it rolls to the target tower. You should keep reviewing it again until you get something right!

Increasing Difficulty

The challenges become harder as you make headway. This can mean that they will want you using many towers or even more complicated routes.

Do however, note that Gravity Maze is more than a ball and the target tower. It is also an issue of logical thinking and spatial reasoning, meaning how best to utilize the towers in question.

Innovation behind Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze

The innovation of how Gravity Maze combines logic puzzles with physically playing games so that one can interact and learn about gravity for spatial reasoning.

Gravity Powered Logic Maze- It uses the gravity to drive the marble along the maze and gives an opportunity to appreciate a basic force one can touch.

Visual Perception and Reasoning Skills- This game aims at improving these skills in children to help them become proficient in their respective fields. Spatial reasoning and strategic planning is needed by players when they visualize the way that the marble is going to run through the towers.

Multiple Solutions- Contrary to most of the puzzles that possess a single right answer, Gravity Maze allows for multiple true solutions. It encourages creative and out of the box thinking.

STEM Education- The product falls under stem toy and fosters scientific knowledge, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. Through creating and examining different maze designs, players have an opportunity to understand fundamental concepts of engineering and science.

Skill-Building Experience- Beyond just a game, the gravity maze is intended to make permanent skills. It builds confidence in them by assisting their children while they are conquering obstacles and learning how to play.


The gravity maze is not only a game; but rather an innovative educational toy that seamlessly blends manual entertainment with cognitive training. It uses the basic power of gravitation in an enjoyable manner that builds students’ spatial, as well as analytic, skills. Offering multiple solutions and STEM-approach, Gravity Maze allows children to create, have a fun of science and engineering, while encouraging thinking about how gravity works. Gravity maze presents something unique in terms of mental stimulation compared to other types of board games that are suitable for both children and adults desiring of a challenge.

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