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Ivy League Universities

The Ivy League universities are among the most academically recognized institutions. As we know history plays a great role in this area, and it has helped them offer their schools the best students since they have an extended reputation. Half of U. S presidents were graduates of Ivy League colleges, with over-representation of Nobel prize winners among them.

The eight Ivy League universities are known to very few persons, Nonetheless, those who are unfamiliar with Harvard or Yale will probably consider that it is an elite university and an excellent research center. Surprisingly, the IVY league is by official means not interested in teaching or research. It’s a genuine sports league!

What is Ivy League?

The term “Ivy’”was coined during the 1930s even though the Ivy league itself originated in 1954. Sports writers borrowed this term from a nineteenth-century practice of planting ivy in various universities referring to the rivalry between the old colleges. Its exclusive nature arises from its sporting origin that encompasses these eight colleges of historical significance and common location.

These are eight private colleges in the Northeast of the USA. The various colleges challenge each other in many students’ sports affairs. A visit to the ivy league’s website reveals information on several sporting news, while very little is said regarding academic information in a single page to help guide athletics aspirant who want to join one of these top colleges and universities.

Intro on Ivy League Universities?

The names of the eight US colleges were derived from sports. These include historical and famous schools of Ivies. These are the seven which were established during the country’s colonial period for their excellent education and reputation. Though these are some of the top academic institutions in AAC – the association of America’s finest colleges, Ivy league is seen as the creme-la-creme and arguably the best America has to offer.

List of Ivy League universities
  • Harvard University (Massachusetts)
  • Yale University (Connecticut)
  • Princeton University (New Jersey)
  • Columbia University in New York
  • Brown University in Rhode Island
  • Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)
  • Penn State (Pennsylvania) University
  • Cornell University in New York

The Ivy League, in particular, makes the strongest statement about American education. It is also one of the most highly cited brand names; the “Ivy” prefix has been applied to other outstanding institutions, giving rise to categories such as Ivy Plus, Public Ivies, and Hidden Iv The word means sport in general but has become a synonym for the best American colleges.

Indeed, there are other outstanding universities in the USA than the Ivies. Several non-League colleges around the world provide great training, ranking highly in their fields and have affordable fee structures. These include Stanforf, M.I.T, and Cal Tech none of which is an Ivy League school with comparable standing and influence. Surprisingly, owing to MIT’s profile, Stanford is often mistaken as an Ivy League school, despite being a non-Ivy.

Why Ivy League Universities So Prestigious?

This U.S tiny group of universities is outstanding regarding their academic traditions and reputations as well as the large endowment funds that ensure continuous investments. These institutions are believed to control capital assets worth almost $150 billion with Harvard University having over $40 billion.

For this reason, there exists a high demand on a limited number of available slots. At least nine students are frequently rejected while there is an admission of only one. Selectivity generates an endless stream of student applicants who preserve academic records and finance the school. For several reasons, among them, these universities are likely to be the first ones that attract your attention while you are searching for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Tthey have huge resource potential so that it attract the bright, diligent and ambitious students from all over the world. The second is that these colleges are of great help to the students who wish to succeed professionally. From law to medicine, electrical engineering and management Ivy league universities are leaders in different directions. This should give you plenty of chances if you are in possession of a degree awarded by any of them.

The Value of Prestige

The benefit of an Ivy League education is much more than just knowledge. It is easy to see the attractions of ivy league universities for many students. However, there are those who hold the view that every university degree is not as valuable as others.

As for education, it is hard to imagine better schools than Ivy League. Five of the top ten in US ranking and all of them in the top 25 globally (QS World university rankings). This is an outstanding scholastic performance for a team that is just in name a sports organization.

They can pride themselves on having good student results. According to professor Raj Chetty, a harvard economist who specialises in the investigation of various determinants which affect life outcomes, these Ivy graduates end up advancing to highest paid jobs, where up to 20% of them become part of top one percent of USA income groups

5 Interesting Facts About Ivy League Universities

At first, they derisively called them ‘‘Ivies.”

The saying originated from the sporting competition among those eight colleges. The Ivy league was introduced by a sports journalist who was also a graduate of Fordham but disappointed over covering a Columbia-Penn State game. He was accused of having used the term ‘Ivy League’ as derogatory, in a sense that these universities were more widely known for their green-shaded walls than football.

Secondly, ‘Ancient Eight’ not so much ancient

Although the title is inappropriate, Ivy League colleges are at least five hundred years behind the world’s eight oldest universities but not even the United States’ eighth oldest institution of higher learning. Established in 1865, Cornell, being one of the youngest Ivy League institutions, is a centennial older compared to Harvard, being the oldest American university. There are several institutions that are more senior than even the ivy league members such as America’s second oldest institution called William and Mary founded in 1693.

Thirdly, they might be old but they are much younger than america.

Out of seven, Cornell was unique; being a colonial institution, whereas the other eight universities in America established before the Declaration. Ben Franklin, a founding father of America, founded the University of Pennsylvania. Before the revolution, America was under the British Crown and, therefore, Royal Charter founded Columbia University as King’s College.

4-Brown University allows one’s choice of degree

Since the university highlights uniqueness and creativity, students are literally free to choose almost any subject. To graduate, students must complete at least thirty courses or one emphasis. The first step is shopping for studies every semester, where the students sample various studies. The method is designed to be as flexible as possible, where many courses require no prior knowledge and several master’s courses are offered. This implies that a different grade can be there!

5-The ‘ primal scream’ has become a Harvard tradition

Primal scream was mainly replaced through streaking in 1960s’ as Harvard students open their windows before exams and shoot and howl for ten minutes in order to unload the stress. Similarly, a Cornell university ritual sees the band take over a library for an hour just before exams begin, making last-minute revision impossible! Another strange Ivy League ritual includes throwing bread, as well as other goods on the sporting field for toasting their team.

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