In this technological-advanced world, Quizizz has changed how people learn these days. It is an educational platform that allows people to learn through different methods. Quizizz provides different studying modules including quizzes, surveys, and assessments.

These methods improve the learning and teaching experience of people

In this article, we are going to walk you through important information about the platform that you might need to know.

So, let’s begin.

First things first. We have to understand that…

What is Quizizz 2

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is an online platform like JoinPD that enables teachers to provide useful learning quizzes, assignments, and surveys.


Speaking it in the sense of a student will help you gain informative knowledge and modules that your teacher provides in order to improve your knowledge.

An important thing to discuss here is that this platform is not like other platforms that use traditional (or you can say, boring) methods of teaching.

Instead, it uses a fun approach, in the form of gamified learning methods, to make the learning as well as teaching process more fun.

That’s something everybody will agree upon. You learn more when you have fun while learning. Quizziz will help you with this.

Now, let’s discuss how you can use the platform.

How to Get on Quizizz?

Getting on Quizziz is pretty simple. With a few very simple steps, you will be on the platform. To begin using this platform, teachers and students have to sign in (or sign up if they don’t have an account already.)

Doing this is easy. Just go to the official website of the platform and create/login into your account. After that, teachers can design and create different studying modules i.e., quizzes, multiple-choice questions, etc.

If you are a student, joining the module that your teacher has made for you is even easier. You just have to enter the code that your teacher has provided you with on the platform and you will be ready to go.

Now that we have briefly discussed what is Quizziz and how you can use it as a teacher and student, let’s discuss some of the most important features that the platform has.

Features of Quizizz:

Quizizz Features

The following are some of the most important features of Quizziz:

1.      Gamified Method of Teaching/Learning:

As we have discussed above, Quizizz makes the learning process pretty fun. It helps teachers design quizzes and assessments in the form of a game. This means that they can add scores, leaderboards, and memes while creating modules.

This helps students learn faster and more eagerly.

2.      Customization:

The platform allows people to customize the learning modules according to their requirements. There is no definite format that everyone has to use. You can modify these modules according to your preferences.

You can set the time limit of the tests according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also add the ability to add feedback for students to get their views and opinions about it. It also allows you to control the test difficulty.

3.      Reports and Analysis:

Quizziz enables you to track the progress of both learning and teaching procedures. That is because it provides detailed insights and information about progress, areas that need improvement, and the things that one should avoid in order to make the learning and teaching process more productive.

4.      Integration with Learning Management Systems:

Learning Management Systems, often known as LMS, are different learning software that help people improve their learning methods. These systems include software like Google Classroom, Schoology, etc.

Now, these software are super-effective for learning. Quizziz allows its users to connect with these software forms within the platform to link your learning procedures with them.

These are some of the basic and important features of the Quizziz platform. Now, let’s discuss the benefits that you can get by using this platform.

Benefits of Using Quizizz:

The following are the benefits that you can get by using the super-productive learning software Quizziz:

1-      Engaging and Motivational Method of Learning:

As we have mentioned above, education has become more than sitting in the classroom and reading boring text paragraphs. It has become more advanced, and of course, a lot of fun. Quizziz has made it possible.

We discussed the features of the platform that it has made the learning procedures fun by making them gamified. By engaging in the game-like competition that provides gaining scores, and having the opportunity to chart #1 on the class leaderboard, students are motivated and eager to learn daily.

2-      Personalization:

The platform provides you the ability to personalize your learning methods according to your nature. If you do not like to learn something that involves formal methods, you can switch to a more fun method and vice versa.

You can also identify the subjects that you are weak in and focus on improving them. This helps you assess your academic progress and you can figure out what you can do about the weaker areas of your study.

3-      Easy Access and Time Saving:

Accessing Quizziz easily makes it one of the most convenient ways of learning. Learning physically takes a lot of effort and resources. You have to go to the place of learning and invest time and money doing so just to learn what you can learn at home on your laptop and mobile phone.

The importance of learning physically still stands but if you want to learn from home or try a more fun way to do so, you can use Quizziz.


That’s pretty much it. Technology has been helping people in almost every field of life. The same is with education. One of the examples of this is Quizizz. This is an online platform that makes the learning process fun.

It allows people to customize the learning modules in a fun and gamified way. This helps them to stay engaged and motivated in their learning which results in better academic output.

We have provided a detailed note in this article about everything you need to know about this platform.


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