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Explore Room Recess- An Interactive Platform for Elementary Skill Development

Room Recess

Room Recess is a site where students in elementary levels can access learning games freely. Games in the platform are created with a special aim to strengthen reading, language arts, spelling, typing, and math for such students. An elementary school teacher developed the website in its entirety, and the primary purpose is to reinforce the foundation of concepts essential for learning. 150 educational games, stories, puzzles, tools and video lessons are available on this resource.

Most importantly, the games touch upon diverse themes. For instance, such games include word games aimed at developing language arts skills, games to aid children grasp main ideas in texts , as well as a series of games grouped by reading skills. This makes RoomRecess a very useful tool for teachers who want to augment traditional learning methods with involving, interactive activities as well as for the parents.

Room Recess- Types of Games

RoomRecess has a wide variety of learning games for children. The games help children practice important foundational skill sets. These are some of the games that Room Recess offers.

Reading and Language Arts Games- These games are especially meant for improving language arts in children. For illustration, there are Spelling Game, Grammar Gladiator Game and actions using affixes.

Math Games– Students learn and practice different math concepts through Room Recess math games. Such games involve concepts of fractions, integers, estimation, geometry, and so on. Some examples are “Decimalus Decimal Games,” Math Quest, Addition Races, and Zombie Paintball.

Typing Games- Typing games like “Type Fight Boxing”, “Alpha-Quick Game Typing Speed Test” and “Type Wars Game” assist children in boosting their speed and accuracy at typing.

Grade-Specific Games– RoomRecess also provides grade-appropriate games. For instance, certain games are marked for 2nd and 3rd graders, while others are meant for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

Mobile Games-  Additionally, there are mobile games which can run on any handset through RoomRecess. For example, “Addition Races”, “Author’s Purpose Game”, “Hangman Game”, and “Solar Sequence Game”. It is a game designed for primary school children and features a range of educational games on RoomRecess.

RoomRecess Games and Age Category

Room Recess

Kindergarten and First Grade– RoomRecess offers free educational online kindergarten and first grade games, which help solidify kindergarteners’ and first graders’ critical skills.

Second and Third Grade- They have an independent page for the 2nd grade and 3rd grade games.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade– The said resource also offer age appropriate interactive e-learning games suitable for fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

In general, at RoomRecess, one would find most of the content geared towards children who are aged at about five to twelve years (kindergarten through sixth grade). However, all age groups will probably enjoy a particular game as the difficulties of these games vary, thus making them suitable for older or younger kids.

Mostly Played Games on Room Recess

Room Recess

These are some of the top games found on Room Recess.

Time Hunter: The game can help children learn how to tell time and is in the section of 2nd and 3rd grade learning games.

Math Quest: Another highly recommended addition racing game for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Zombie Paintball: A widely played math game for many grade levels.

Decimalus Rex: Decimal is a game under 4th, 5th, and 6th grade games.

Snow Patrol Game: 5th Grade games, this is one of most played games in the plateform.

Road Racer Game: It belongs to the Games in 6th Grade section.

Jumpin Jack Game: It is a math game, which can be found in the mobile games.

They are very popular, probably because they offer a more exciting way of teaching the kids by incorporating entertainment in educational material.

Competitors of Room Recess- Specifically Math Playground

From the search, it seems that rise higher math playground is one of the main competitors to RoomRecess in terms of online educational games for kids. Other such platforms include Happy Clicks, Kids’ Drawing Hub, Online Color, Hello Kids, Kids’ Doodle, and Anticoloring Book.

In other words, if you are considering the variety of games available at rise higher math playground and RoomRecess, the two websites with educational games for kids.

Math Playground offers a variety of math-related games, including:

  • Addition Games
  • Multiplication Games
  • Fraction Games
  • Geometry Games
  • Prealgebra Games
  • Math Models

In addition to math games, playground also offers:

  • Robot Games
  • Find the Path Games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Printable Word Problems

They offer other games like Brainy Games, Animal Game, Adventure Games, Perfect Timing Games, Sports Games, Endless Games, Classic Games, and Racing Games. However, RoomRecess provides a range of educational games. The games are meant to reinforce the basic learning skills.

There are also, grade specific games and mobile based games that can be played on any device. Therefore, Math Playground gives more stress to math games while RoomRecess offers many different options. The kind of educational resources that both platforms would offer depend on the child’s specific needs and interests. However, many websites compete in the education resource marketplace offering different characteristics or catering to various age brackets or learning needs.

In addition to math games playground also offers 1 1


Room Recess is one great site where children can enjoy playing various games and at the same time practice their maths, reading as well as problem solving. These games are free to play and can be played either from the web or any device equipped with a browser. It is a secure site, parents are in control of content selection with profanity filter, kids engage for longer duration of time. This is why Room Recess is still one of the leading online learning platforms there is.


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