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Exploring Funbrain Reading Games for Young Minds

Funbrain Reading Games

Funbrain was developed in 1998 as a teaching website for kids. There were already a lot of games on the internet when the Fun Arcade was added in 2005. The player would move a game piece along a board game as they played the mini-games. After falling in space to move up the board, the player must finish the mini-game. After finishing a mini-game, the player was given a password to return to that spot on the board.

But when you got to game #13 (Croc Hopper), the pinball machine said, “Coming Soon,” which meant the other games would be finished later. The second half of the board was never completed, and it stayed unfinished until Funbrain changed everything about the Fun Arcade. The Wayback Machine has the full first half of the fun Arcade, but the second half of the board still needs to be completed, and it’s unknown if the board was ever finished past Mighty Guy 2.

Funbrain Interesting Resources

Activities for Kids

In Funbrain’s Games area, many educational games are mostly made for young people to play for fun and to learn. Each game’s name considers the grade level, skill level, and subject area. It would have been easier to find my way around this huge library of Funbrain games if there was a search function that lets you narrow your search by things like grade level, skill level, or subject area.

Funbrain’s search function does not have any filters. You can look for games only by name or scroll down to the bottom of the page to find resources sorted by grade and type, like books, movies, and fun. Finding the right tools on Funbrain can be challenging.

Click on Games in the top bar to get to Funbrain games. Once you scroll down, you’ll see a part with featured games. After that, you’ll see the rest of the collection. You can see more options when you click “Load more.” If you like a game, click on it to play it. There are tips and rules for how to play each game to help kids get around the controls quickly. The Tags part of the game lists the grades and skills it aims to improve. Some games are made for specific grade levels, while others are made for all levels and are labeled as such.

Video Clips

Funbrain Reading Games

The videos on Funbrain are meant to teach and entertain kids in a fun and interesting way. Kids can watch more than 15 different video shows. Each series has a number of films that are all about the same subject. There are different grade levels in the movie series. In Funbrain’s video library, you can find the following fun TV shows:

Fixed the Issue:

This is a series for kids in grades 1 through 8 where Jeremy gives them tips on ” navigating the craziness of life.” Tips on how to get a bigger allowance, hide the fact that you’re thinking, and even how to do terrible dance moves. Kids can go with Altie as he finds “what lies beneath the top-secret ingredient box and answers the inevitable question: will it slime?”

Key Points Storybooks with Animations

Kids can watch these videos that show cartoon stories from High Five magazine. “Being a teenager in Young Justice means proving yourself over and over to peers, parents, teachers, mentors, and, ultimately, to yourself.” But what if you’re different from most teens? “What if you’re a teen superhero?”

Once more, Funbrain’s video material could use some work. For example, Funbrain could have made their video player easier by adding “captions” and “translate” options. Because of this, the teaching value of its videos could have been much greater, making them more appealing to kids from a wide range of linguistic backgrounds and skill levels.


The Reading section of Funbrain has many books for kids organized by grade level and theme. Remember that these are just excerpts from books. Before you can get to the full versions, you must buy the book from Amazon. Every book that Funbrain highlights gets an Amazon link added to it.

To get to Funbrain’s books, go to the library and select Books from the menu bar at the top. When you find a book you think your kids will like, click on it to read a taste. Will it be worth the money?

The Area for Math

As the name suggests, the arithmetic Zone has math problems for kids to solve and practice their math skills. Each game is labeled with its grade level and the math skill it works on. Games are a fun way to learn many things, like reading graphs, doing math, and understanding geometry, numbers, and shapes.

Pick Math Zone from the menu at the top of the page to get to these math games. Then, scroll through the list. Click on the game you want to play to open it. Under the game, there is a short description and steps on how to play it.

All of Funbrain’s tools are free to use. The site has games kids can play without signing up or downloading anything. Check out this list of kid-friendly search engines for more learning tools.

Why FunBrain is Good

Funbrain Reading Games

Kids can learn while having fun with a variety of interesting games, bright graphics, cartoon characters, and other features. There are more than 40 games, and each one can be changed to fit different skill levels and is linked to national curriculum standards. There are maths, physics, writing, music, geography classes and learning a foreign language. Kids can read many books and comics on Funbrain, such as popular ones like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Brewster Rocket, Galactic Hot Dogs, and Amelia Writes Again. The website has a section called “Math Arcade,” which has math-themed games like “Ball Hogs,” “Mummy Hunt,” and “Bumble Numbers,” which are meant to be hard for kids but also teach them how to learn math.

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In What Ways can I use This Item in my Classroom?

Funbrain says it’s a good tool for students to use after they finish a task or for teachers to use as a fill-in activity for students who need more practice. Students could spend some time on the site. The teacher could show the whole class some of the movies or read out loud from the books on the screen.

You’ll need to find a way to keep track of your kids’ progress if you decide to use the site in class. The site doesn’t have a teacher monitor, which would be great because it would let teachers see where and how well their students practice.

Do you think FunBrain Helps you Learn?

Funbrain Reading Games

Funbrain markets itself as a learning site but is more interested in making money from ads. There are a lot of games and fun things for kids to do on the site, but the information is basic. Cartoons and arcade pictures that are bright and interesting, as well as letting kids move around the arcade and board games, are all good things. Math Baseball is a fun sport where two players fight in a math tournament. Points are given for how hard each problem is that is pitched.

The site is fun for kids but only helps them as much as it does for fun. When students don’t get an answer right or move on to the next level, they are never offered tips or instructions on doing better on the next task. Also, add some vocabulary words or writing tasks that are linked to the readings on the website.

In conclusion

Entertaining Arcade is a website with many fun games, like Pig Toss and Mighty Guy. On, there is also a playground with games and tasks for kids. Both parents and teachers can trust Funbrain because it keeps even the youngest kids safe and having fun. Parents can rest easy knowing their kids are safe on the Funbrain website because it has been approved as a kid-safe site. Because of this, it is dedicated to making a safe gaming space that mixes fun and learning.


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