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Redbird Mathematics Online Math Program Review

Redbird Mathematics

Redbird Mathematics from is an online math program for kids from kindergarten to seventh grade. From the creators of the program – “Our goal is to help students of all abilities become advanced learners.

We believe the term gifted should be the destination and not a labeled starting point. Our courses, originally developed through Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth, have proven to increase learning, acceleration, and academic confidence for students of all abilities.”

What is Redbird Mathematics?Redbird Mathematics

It is simply an online mathematics program designed to be used by children in level K-7th. This program is developed by Stanford University with the aim of helping students become advanced learners. Therefore, the word gifted is a kind of purpose or destination, and not a starting point that makes the program for gifted children only.

What makes Redbird Mathematics different from other online programs?

Redbird Mathematics requires children to train their critical thinking.

It is not only the drilling of the mathematics basic and advanced concepts, but there are more cases involving the basic concepts.

  • At first, some basic concepts are introduced and practiced.
  • Next, children will do some word problems of related mathematic concepts.
  • Finally, children will do some projects that involve more critical thinking or logic and the concept taught in the chapter. builds good communication with parents.

I like the way the company communicates with parents in non-intimidating ways.

  • Noticing email is sent when children don’t reach the minimal number of accessing the program.
  • You will always get an email whenever Your kid meets the milestone. It was the time when your kid could finish the chapters.

Clear report of children’s progress.

  • There are always reports on the progress made by children in terms of score achievement and accessing time.
  • Reports are in the form of line graph about the quantity progress and bar graph about the quality or the score progress.
  • Therefore, you will know whether children are attending the lessons and whether they take the lessons seriously or not.

Virtually “hands-on” tools and models to help children do the problems and questions less abstractly are available.

Many children, including my son, need more help in thinking something abstract. Redbird Mathematics provides virtual tools to make abstract matters seen visually. For example, when children have to count with mental maths, there are some drag and drop objects so that children feel that they really count with something real. However, only the basic concept has this tool. Children are allowed to work more independently, not depend on the tools or your help.

How Redbird Mathematics WorksRedbird Mathematics

When you purchase a subscription to Redbird Mathematics, you’re not tied to a single grade level. The program covers math concepts from kindergarten through grade 7, so you can move up or down as your child needs.

If you’re unsure which grade level your child should use, Redbird Mathematics gives you the option to look at the concepts covered in each grade. Here’s where it gets interesting. Once you choose a grade level for your child, the program gives him or her an assessment test to see what concepts they already know. Once the assessment is complete, the program automatically chooses a starting point for your child. Then it’s time to get started!

How Redbird Mathematics Improves Math Thinking Skills

What separates Redbird Mathematics from other math programs is the way that the program encourages kids to think about math operations. So, if you are used to teaching math in the traditional manner, expect a fairly steep learning curve when you first begin using the program.

In the beginning of each lesson, Redbird Mathematics gives you an overview of what your child will cover, as well as a few sample problems. That’s really helpful, because it can help your child prepare for what to expect as the lesson moves along.

Well – if you can understand how numbers are related to one another, then your ability to solve math problems becomes more flexible.

Which students would benefit?

Mathematics is a subject that needs a lot of practice. Children are often bored using a single resource to finish assignments, especially when they are a line of exercises on a mathematics workbook. As you know, it would be a good drill to familiarize them with certain mathematics concepts. Although you can force them to do the drilling part, we also think that giving them another variation on mathematics learning will allow them to feel more refreshed to return to the traditional way.

  • children who need more practice in doing the mathematics problem solving and word problems
  • children that love projects
  • children with parents that can help or accompany them working online. Independent learners are better, but parents accompany will be more helpful in giving more explanation in the word comprehension.

How to get access to Redbird Mathematics?Redbird Mathematics

Accessing Redbird Mathematics is not difficult.

  • You just simply visit the Redbird Mathematics
  • Click enroll
  • Create the parents’ account
  • Assign your children with the desired program
  • Provide payment

For three (3) months of access of the Redbird Mathematics Advanced Edition for K-7th independent, you need to pay $60. You will have 10% every time you extend the program for three months automatically.


Middle school is the perfect time to try some online classes – especially as preparation for the homeschool parent who plans to outsource a high school subject or two. If your child loves math or needs a more challenging program, Redbird Mathematics would be a great option.

The program used and tested is an independent learning track. It is self-paced and while intuitive to meet your needs, there is no additional help if you get stuck or have questions.

If you would like your child to have the opportunity to be pushed and challenged in this rigorous math program, but do not feel confident that you can help them when they need it, there is also a tutor supported option. This would be a great option if you want even more personalized help and attention for your child to ensure that they succeed with this program.


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