The Role of Academic Advisors for Future Career Development

The Role of Academic Advisors for Future Career Development

Academic advisors play a vital role in helping students plan for their Career Development. Advisors help students select courses that will fulfill degree requirements and prepare them for the workforce. In addition, advisors can provide guidance on internships, job opportunities, and graduate programs.

The goal of academic counseling is to support students’ growth and development by creating educational plans that are meaningful and in line with their long-term objectives. It is a constant procedure that is founded on regular, accumulating each interaction between the advisor and advisee. The core of High Point University’s academic curriculum is effective academic advising. If pupils are not adequately coached and advised, even the best academic programs will not produce the desired outcome.

The academic advisor is a valuable resource for students, and the advising relationship should be nurtured throughout the student’s time at the university. In this article, we will discuss the role of academic advisors and how they can help students plan for their future careers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Advisors

The following must be kept in mind for each student designated as an advisee because the advisor’s job is active rather than passive.

  • Using schedule planning for each semester and summer school, where necessary, assist students in defining and creating realistic educational career plans. Every student must have a current academic calendar that includes all required coursework.
  • Meet with the assistant dean during registration to help students with the transition to academic life at the university. Special classes ought to be organized for the duration of the first academic year.
  • Meet with continuing students a minimum of once per semester to discuss and/or amend long-term academic program schedules and make plans for the upcoming semester.
  • Monitor progress toward finishing the planned curricula, discuss grades and other performance indicators and meet at least once each semester to review progress against educational and professional goals.
  • Interpret and explain the institution’s rules, regulations, and specifications.
  • Follow up with the advisee regarding any reports of subpar work (notices of class supervision for poor attendance, notices of FA and/or failing grades, notices of missing grades from previous semesters). Students who have been on academic probation should receive special consideration.
  • Keep a record of your performance to date, including grades, transcripts, requirements satisfied, dates of conferences, unique situations noted, current student planning information and so on.
  • When attendance, attitude, academic performance, or other personal issues demand the assistance of other specialists, students should be informed and, if necessary, referred to other institutional resources. (For instance, Academic Services, Personal Counseling, and the Office of Academic Development.)
  • Make initiative-taking contact, making a point to be accessible to your advisees. Office hours should be communicated to the academic advising beginning in the semester and should be placed on the advisor’s office door. Pre-registration advising should be conducted over longer hours for advisors.
  • To stay informed, periodically check in with your faculty colleagues. When advisees require additional information regarding career and graduate school alternatives, advisers should direct them to the Career Development Center.

Characteristics of Effective Advisors

The following qualities make advisors the most effective with students.

  • willing to provide advice
  • shows attention and consideration for the advisees
  • demonstrates strong interpersonal and communication abilities
  • offered to advisees
  • regular communication with advisees
  • aggressive actions toward advisees

Advisee Responsibilities

The advisee participates equally in the advisory process. Ultimately, you are in charge of making your informed choices as an advised person. You are required to:

  • Clarify your own values, skills, interests, and life and academic objectives
  • whenever necessary or when you require support, get in touch with your adviser and arrange regular meetings with them each semester
  • Prepare for counseling sessions and bring the proper tools or resources. You must keep track of your own educational goals and other information
  • With a scheduled agenda for the upcoming semester, arrive prepared to your registration advising appointments
  • Learn about and follow the institution’s rules, regulations, and requirements
  • Access and use Student Plan for reasons including registration, data changing, and academic changes
  • When switching majors, adding a second major, or adding a minor, fill out a Change of Educational Program form just at the Office of Educational Services -Welcome Desk to request the re-assignment of a new advisor.        


In conclusion, academic advisors play a vital role in future career development. Advisors help students plan their academic journey in a way that is fulfilling and prepares them for their future workforce goals. Without academic advisors, students would be at a loss for how to best utilize their time in college to set themselves up for success after graduation.


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