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Best Spelling Training Apps for Kids

Spelling Training

Spelling can be a challenge for kids of all ages, but with the right resources, it does not have to be. The Best Spelling Training Apps for Kids provide an interactive and fun way to help children learn how to spell. These apps are designed to engage kids in various ways that make spelling practice fun and rewarding, allowing them to become better spellers and feel more confident in their skills. Parents can choose the right one for their child’s needs with various apps available. Read on to find out which apps are the best for helping kids master spelling.

Buzzy Bee Spelling

Buzzy Bee Spelling

Buzzy Bee Spelling is a popular spelling app for kids. It is designed to help them improve their skills with interactive games and audio feedback. The app has a range of difficulty levels to suit different ages, and it is packed with fun features like spelling contests and bonus games. It also includes tips from experienced teachers to help kids get the most out of their learning experience. With its friendly user interface and colorful graphics, Buzzy Bee Spelling makes spelling training enjoyable for kids of all ages.



It offers hundreds of exercises and activities in a fun and interactive learning environment. With its colorful graphics and engaging audio clips, it helps children learn how to spell words quickly and accurately. It also contains helpful tips on building vocabulary and improving grammar skills. Best of all, it is free. Spellwizards is an excellent choice for parents who want their kids to learn how to spell engagingly and memorably. With its comprehensive spelling training system, it will help young learners become more confident spellers. Its variety of interactive exercises and activities also encourages kids to learn in a fun way. It is an ideal app for children of all ages, from beginners to advanced spellers. It features age-appropriate content and activities that make learning spelling fun and interactive.

Spelling Shed

Spelling shed

It uses a variety of engaging games and activities to help students build their spelling skills. The app includes a variety of levels and activities so that children can progress at their own pace. The app also allows teachers to customize the Spelling Training content for each student, making it perfect for individualized instruction. With its interactive design and engaging content, Spelling Shed makes learning to spell significantly more enjoyable.

Rocket Speller

rocket speller

Rocket Speller is a popular spelling training app for kids that provides an entertaining and interactive way to learn. It uses fun game-based activities that help children to practice and improve their spelling skills. The app also includes a variety of fun and educational mini-games and customizable settings so kids can adjust the difficulty level according to their individual needs. It tracks progress and provides users with helpful feedback, making it a great learning tool for young spellers. With its intuitive user interface and engaging content, Rocket Speller is a great choice for kids looking to improve their spelling skills.

Word Magic

word magic spell

It provides an easy and fun way to learn how to spell independently. The app offers a variety of activities that will help kids practice and learn to spell many different words. It also provides visual cues with audio pronunciation to make learning easier for young minds. With its engaging games, Word Magic encourages curiosity and creative ways to improve spelling skills. Plus, as kids progress, they can earn badges and collect stickers that add more fun. With Word Magic, kids can make spelling fun while developing crucial skills for success in school and beyond.

Spelling Monster

spelling monster

Spelling Monster is a fun and interactive spelling training app that encourages kids to learn through play. The playful monsters provide guidance and friendly feedback, helping children build confidence in their spelling skills as they progress through levels on the app. Parents can also customize each child’s experience by setting age-appropriate tests, selecting which words or topics to focus on, and tracking progress. With its engaging visual interface and exciting rewards, Spelling Monster is a great way to get kids excited about spelling.



It provides a fun and engaging visual-based learning environment that makes it easy for kids to understand the concepts they need to become proficient spellers. The app uses a variety of activities, including phonics games, word searches, and sentence practice. It also offers easy-to-follow instructions and a rewards system to help keep kids motivated. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices so that kids can practice their spelling skills anytime, anywhere. With its intuitive design and comprehensive library of activities, ABC PocketPhonics can help kids become proficient spellers in no time!


grammar pop hd

It features over 12,000 words and offers fun mini-games to help children learn how to spell. With its engaging visuals and audio, it encourages active learning as students’ progress through difficulty levels. It also includes an offline mode so children can practice their spelling even when they do not have access to the internet. GrammarPopHD also offers helpful tips and hints for extra support and guidance, making it a great tool for kids just starting to learn how to spell. It is an excellent choice for helping your child become a confident speller.

Spelling Master

spelling master

Spelling Master is one of the top-selling training apps for kids. It offers an engaging and personalized approach to learning words, with fun activities and interactive games to help kids learn new words quickly. With customized word lists, progress tracking, and audio feedback, this app makes it easy for children of all ages to hone their spelling skills. Kids can practice various activities such as fill-in-the-blank, unscrambling letters, matching words with pictures, finding synonyms or antonyms, and more. The app also includes a rewards system for completing activities and encourages children to keep practicing by giving them badges. With its fun and interactive approach, Spelling Stage helps kids build their spelling skills.


spelling city

It offers a comprehensive range of features to help your child learn how to spell words accurately and confidently. The app includes over 35,000 grade-level vocabularies, games and activities that can be tailored to the user’s needs. It also has an integrated dictionary and thesaurus to support visual learners.  It provides real-time progress tracking that provides children with immediate feedback as they learn. The app also offers rewards for performance milestones users achieve so kids can stay motivated while spelling training. With its comprehensive features and customizability, it is a great tool for helping children improve their spelling skills.

Final Thoughts

Spelling training apps can be a great tool to help your child develop their language and literacy skills. The best apps provide a variety of activities that make learning fun while also giving support and feedback to parents and children. With so many options available, deciding which app is right for you and your child can take time. However, by considering the features and research available on each app, you can determine what spelling app is best for your child. Investing in a quality spelling training app for your child will pay off in the long run.


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